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Ericsson Ireland’s Self-Organizing Network (SON) Manager Demo

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There was great interest at the Spring GradIreland Careers Fair on our Self Organizing Network (SON) Demo. The Demo, which uses a combination of lasers, servo motors and Arduino microcomputers, is a fun and interactive game for students to engage in. The purpose of the game is to demonstrate the complex work a network optimization engineer does to improve mobile networks and to show how Ericsson’s software products are working to automate that process. Everyone had a chance to play the game themselves and received a score on how accurate they were with their attempt at optimising the network.

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In the future, Self Organising Networks will be a critical enabler for the widespread deployment of mobile broadband technologies. Network complexity has reached the stage at which self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-healing functions are now indispensable for running a modern mobile network.

The amazing technology of SON Manager

Ericsson’s SON Manager is our innovation. This is an amazing technology that is being researched and developed in our Athlone site in Ireland. If you would like to be part of this and other exciting projects, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for a Senior Engineers and you can see our open positions here.

If you are interested in seeing the demo in action (and having a try), to find out where we will be next, please follow our Twitter account.

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