Ericsson North America partners with Girl Scouts to encourage Girls in STEM

It’s a great time to be a Girl Scout! And if you’re an Ericsson employee, it’s a great time to work WITH the Girl Scouts!


Ericsson's Chief Learning Officer

Ericsson's Chief Learning Officer

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The 2018 Ericsson North America Giving Program is about focus and simplicity. Our employee base is as passionate as they come when it comes to community service, advocacy and active volunteering. This year we’re channeling that spirit and harnessing this collective energy to make game-changing contributions to a single non-profit cause. That program is the Girl Scouts!

Not enough people realize that the new mission of the Girl Scouts goes far beyond its honored legacy of cookies, crafts, and campfires—it is to put 2.5 million girls into a progressive STEM Leadership pipeline by 2025! This mission aligns intimately with Ericsson’s own quest to increase the diversity of our workforce, and to close the unacceptable gap that women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs nationally. The Girl Scouts are truly the expert in girls, and they rely on partners like Ericsson who are the experts in STEM to achieve this critical mission. By working with the Girl Scouts across every Ericsson North American site, employees can make a difference that is locally meaningful and nationally impactful.


I am privileged to lead a team at Ericsson that’s all about creating capability for our customers. It’s not just our profession, it’s our passion. And that’s why I am so excited at what this new Ericsson-Girl Scouts alliance can achieve. Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to pilot a local partnership between Ericsson and the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, that continues to flourish and grow this year. I was humbled by their energy to partner with us, and I was startled at how much value they found in Ericsson’s collaboration.

More than writing a check: our commitment to supporting Girl Scouts

Trust me, that value is not about writing a check! Ericsson North America Giving exists to fund in-kind active support between Ericsson and the Girl Scouts. Here’s what that looked like in 2017:

  • Networks: Ericsson just finished laying fiber within the new South Dallas Outdoor STEM Center of Excellence, in prep for its May 5-6th Grand Opening.
  • Digital Transformation: We’re prototyping a hosted version of Ericsson’s digital onboarding platform “Jumpstart” to help STEM volunteers get tech-savvy, via their phones.
  • Volunteering: Ericsson employees hosted a job-shadow day with the Girl scouts visiting the Ericsson campus, and sent two deserving young ladies to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference.

Just think of all we can do together this year, with more volunteers from every Ericsson North America site engaging their local and respective Girl Scouts Councils! Ericsson leaders hosted a kick-off meeting in January with Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of Girl Scouts of North Texas, and her leadership team. Ericsson leaders are reaching out to form similar GS Council connections in Canada, Colorado, NJ, and California, with more locations getting activated every week. The momentum is strong!

We know our employees care, and we also know they’re busy. Maybe they can only afford a day to help or speak at a GS STEM event; maybe they have a few hours to let Girl Scouts shadow them at work to see what they can be; maybe they have contributions aside from their time to lend, like expertise, experience, consulting, training, and ideas. This alliance needs and can use every kind of help, because there are so many ways for employees to get involved!

I’m thrilled for Ericsson North America to roll up our sleeves and scale up on helping the Girl Scouts to light the way for girls in STEM!

Tomorrow’s STEM leadership starts TODAY! Are you in?

Learn more:

You can follow our 2018 progress through upcoming posts on this blog, and you can read about our Northeast Texas pilot partnership in the Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report (page 15, top right corner) and this 2017 Ericsson Technology-for-Good blog post

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