Ericsson’s Young Advisory Board – halfway through!

Time flies! Ericsson’s Young Advisory Board 2017-2018 is already halfway through our tenure and in this blog post, I would like to build on themes previously touched on by YAB coordinator Ajla and my fellow YAB colleagues Adriana and Sadi in their posts earlier this year.

Young Advisory Board

(Photo, above) All members of Ericsson’s Young Advisory Board 2017-2018 together with CEO & President Börje Ekholm and the Executive Team, following the presentation of our first assignment during their face-to-face meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, December 2017.

The YAB has an opportunity to shape our company’s future.

In Ajla’s initial post in July 2017 to introduce Ericsson’s Young Advisory Board 2017-2018 including Adriana Flores Stagnetto, Mina Nemati, Bo Zhong, Sadinoel Martinez, Ryan Stewart, and myself, she described the YAB as “an amazing opportunity to shape our company’s future.” After 8 months as a member, I can confirm first-hand that it truly is. I see many of the recommendations my colleagues and I have made to CEO & President Börje Ekholm and the Executive Team regularly reflected in Börje’s CEO letters and in various global initiatives, often exactly as we have made them, with no appearance of having been altered or watered down. This makes me believe in Börje and the Executive Team, that they listen, consider, and then act, even if recommendations come from employees early in their careers.

The strength of diversity.

In Adriana’s post, she asked the question “how do you fit a number of different pieces together to make something new?” I believe we have successfully done this, not just based on the awesome Lego ship we assembled on the first day we all met, but from having gotten to know each other, worked closely together, and from the outputs we have delivered as a team during our 8 months together. We have different nationalities, are based in different countries, work in different organizations and come from different educational backgrounds. Therefore, we all approach problems in different ways, have different expertise, and offer different perspectives. This also means we do not always agree and can have lengthy debates, but I strongly believe the conclusions we draw and solutions we propose to Börje and the Executive Team are smarter, more solid, and more sustainable because of our diverse backgrounds. This all thanks to something as simple as putting different people together, or to quote Sadi, “mixing and matching profiles.”

Quality was the topic of our first and second assignment.

For our first CEO assignment as the new Young Advisory Board, we were asked to investigate “quality”. After careful consideration and analysis, we chose to focus on “user-friendliness” and how it impacts our customers’ and product users’ perception of the overall quality of Ericsson’s portfolio. It is a relatively niche aspect of quality, but with hindsight a great choice. We received very positive feedback from Börje and the Executive Team following our presentation on the topic in December, and “user-friendly products” seems to play an important part in the Quest for Easy going forward. Because of this, instead of pursuing a completely new topic, we have decided to focus on implementation of one or several of the recommendations we made in our first assignment related to improving product user-friendliness the scope of our second assignment. I’m sure whomever of my colleagues will write the next YAB blog post will provide an update on how this goes – so keep reading if you’re interested!

It’s been my pleasure and a great experience to be a member of the Young Advisory Board 2017-2018, and get to work with such smart, dedicated, and passionate individuals as Adriana, Mina, Bo, Sadi and Ryan.

Our exciting journey continues!

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