How Network Management as a Service is a game-changing proposition

In general, the mobile operator marketplace is maturing. This maturation drives a number of changes, impacting growth, revenue and margins. At the same time, networks are becoming more complex and, by default, more expensive to manage. Finding a balance between meeting the demands of the subscriber and effectively managing the cost of implementing and maintaining the network requires new deployment and operational models for operators.

These innovations can significantly help differentiate the cost model for operators. Ericsson has several strategies to enable more efficient operations, including providing as a Service (aaS) delivery models and providing enhanced, Machine Learning systems.


It's a changing world

Quite often, when we talk to operators about the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Network Management as a Service (NMaaS), it is the first time that they have considered giving the responsibility of managing and owning important infrastructure to their vendors. Oftentimes, the first question from Operators is; ‘Why?’ As passionate proponents of the SaaS model, we tend to turn the questions to somethings closer to ‘Why not?’ and ‘Why do you need to own your OSS?’

The reality of the situation is that, in most situations, owning and maintaining infrastructure isn’t really important for operators and rarely provides significant benefits, especially when compared to the aaS equivalent.

The commercial model for NMaaS is simple; you only pay for what you use. The Ericsson user portal allows the operator to remain in full control of how much they spend but, makes the consumption of capacity as simple as possible. Everything is online, visible and manageable at any time.


Real world proposition

Ericsson hasn’t arrived at these conclusions without thought and investment, from Ericsson and our customers. As a cloud based IT application, NMaaS is an obvious choice for SaaS deployment. The values of NMaaS are those typical to any aaS offering; there is a need for growth, it does not limit the user’s flexibility, it's secure, available and cost effective. In addition, the values of NMaaS specific to it’s purpose mean that operators that adopt NMaaS can reduce the lead time for implementation and upgrades of their OSS and Network (RAN and Core) systems, from months to days and weeks.

This benefit isn’t for the first release, it is continuous, throughout the lifetime of NMaaS.

Anyone interested in trying NMaaS can contact us and we can arrange access to a trial system in a matter of hours, if required. The same system can be commercialized whenever required, with minimal effort.


aaS by Ericsson

Today, Ericsson has a significant number of aaS applications in the market. We understand that, for any operator to let go, the benefits must be clear and our systems robust so, we have invested in supporting platforms, tools and processes, common to our aaS portfolio. This means that once you have adopted one Ericsson aaS system, it is a very simple step to add another, and so on.

We are leveraging the largest Managed Services business in the telco industry, our processes, organisation and knowledge, combined with best in class data centre partnerships, to give us global reach.

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