Continuing the Young Advisory Board Journey

It’s been 10 months now since we first met as a group in the Ericsson Leadership Summit in June 2017, and our journey as the Young Advisory Board continues.

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From our previous posts you can see how much we enjoyed our work together as a group; but being a member of the Young Advisory Board is not our full time job, it is an extra challenge and fun that each of us has on top of our individual responsibilities in Ericsson. As a group we often share with each other what is going on with our own regular work, and I can say for sure that each of us is enjoying it too.

Life beyond Young Advisory Board

For the past 10 months the life and roles of the individual Young Advisory Board (YAB) members also keep changing, and here’s some updates on us: Adriana has moved back to Spain after working in Sweden for a few years. Mina has moved from Sweden to Dubai and continues her work as a Legal Counsel to support the Market Area. Sadi has started his new role in the Scandinavia Account Project Office team after a short break, when he spent some time with his lovely baby girl Olivia. Jacob continues his work as project manager in South Africa, working on more exciting network projects. Ryan continues his engagement with the AT&T customers in the US to explore new business opportunities together. Again, you can see how diversified our group is: different backgrounds, working in different countries in different areas. I am very proud to be in this group where each of us is also a key contributor to the area that we work on. Mina, for example, has just got the top performance award 2017, which includes a well-deserved family trip to Mexico. Congratulations Mina!


Sharing innovations and discussing business opportunities with customers and partners

For myself, I am currently driving the innovation activities by setting up an Ericsson Garage in Market Area Northeast Asia (MNEA). There, we focus on exploring use cases in 5G and IoT to demonstrate our technology leadership, and to explore opportunities in potential new business areas. This is an exciting new area that Ericsson is exploring as a company, and recently a new Business Area, BA Emerging Business, has been set up to focus on innovation and new business opportunities. Just one month ago I had the great opportunity to be part of the most exciting event in the Telecom industry, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was an amazing event where I got to meet with customers, partners, and colleagues from all around the world. It was yet another opportunity to meet with our CEO Börje, and this time he served me a delicious lunch!


Börje Serving Lunch at Mobile World Congress

My Ericsson Journey

My own journey since I joined Ericsson only 3 years ago has been amazing. I started as a software developer in China for development of network management software for regional customers. Then according to my own area of interests, I was given opportunity to drive a few IoT innovation projects. And right before I joined the YAB group last year I was appointed innovation driver for R&D in the Market Area, where I get to work together with more talented colleagues for technology innovations. 3 years and there were so many new challenges and changes. Such level of freedom and supports to do what you are interested in within the company is very rare, and you can get it from Ericsson.


Mobile World Congress was also a great chance to meet colleagues

What’s next for Young Advisory Board?

As the YAB group we are deep into investigation mode again for our second challenge, where we decided to keep working on the Quality topic, targeting to implement one of the key suggestions we made from our first challenge. We are working with colleagues from different BAs, aiming to implement and test a proposed mechanism to improve the quality of our products, and for that we also plan to travel to locations to talk to internal users of our products. Another travel plan that is on our agenda is the exciting “Development Week” for the YAB group, where we will travel to a country together to talk to customers and colleagues for further development of our knowledge and skills.

The exciting journey goes on with this lovely group of people…

We are Young Advisory Board! We are Ericsson!

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