GlobalData gives Ericsson top ranking for its policy control solution

When we created the new Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC), we decided to make it different—something that the operator could not only use, but also enjoy. We found that we needed to make the controller excel in the User Experience (UX) area, so we created the Ericsson SAPC Policy Studio. The Policy Studio includes a top-UX interface for policy configuration enabling reduced learning cycles and much faster time to market.

Top ease of use for revenue generation

It’s been created together with top players in the IT UX industry and with Ericsson SAPC's main operators. It includes a graphical block-based playground to create policies and relate them. The policy creation process is made easy and constitutes a clear differentiator of Ericsson’s product. Ericsson SAPC is not only a product to be used, but also to be loved.

By using the same browser, operators can also access the O&M tool (Core Network Operation Manager, CNOM) which is part of the Ericsson Network Manager, which shows in a graphical way what the status of the nodes are in terms of load and behavior. This tool also integrates an automatic test tool (called Ericsson Automatic Test Tool) that helps run automatic testing to boost acceptance procedures. CNOM is shared by other products in the Ericsson Packet Core solutions to provide a full and unified network view.

UX interfaces are a significant differentiator of the Ericsson SAPC user experience in fulfilling operator demands at all levels, from a big operator controlling a national network to a small enterprise that wants to secure its manufacturing processes.

Best flexibility for the future

Ericsson SAPC is well known for its flexible policy engine. It allows an easy integration in any customer’s network with minimum development requirements, thanks to flexible interfaces that can adapt to other vendors' needs. One of our customers in Indonesia, for example, was able to implement more than 1,500 different data plans without needing to change a single line in our code.

The flexibility of the nodes goes beyond that by supporting multiple northbound and southbound interfaces, based on the standard, and also by including unique features for our customers to differentiate. Ericsson SAPC implements the same software that runs on PNF and VNF, allowing a graceful move from PNF to VNF deployments. It has a strong NFV/cloud integration with both OpenStack and VMware, supporting the corresponding automation procedures that allow important opex reductions moving forward.

Ericsson SAPC’s flexibility allows it to have a holistic view of the network beyond what is required by the standards.

It can be placed on top of packet core nodes to add dynamicity to decisions. As an example, an operator could deploy Ericsson SAPC on top of MME nodes and allow already 5G-flavored use cases such as radio access selection or dynamic network slice selection. This provides now a touch of what 5G will be and establishes a golden bridge towards the evolution of coming new use cases. Ericsson SAPC supports the NSFF and PCF functional entities defined for 5G, which represent the future of policy control. So Ericsson is ahead of the competition.

Allowing customers to enjoy the latest and greatest software

With more than 200 customers all around the globe, Ericsson SAPC leads the policy control market by being able to comply with more disparate requirements. Ericsson SAPC allows a seamless and quick adaptation to new use cases with continuous software delivery and deployment, allowing our customers to always enjoy the latest and greatest software. All of this is showing a new way of handling software that will keep evolving to allow a more dynamic evolution, meeting our customers’ needs in less and less time.

Want to know what GlobalData says about Ericsson SAPC in their ‘Policy Control: Competitive Landscape Assessment’ report?

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