How to monetize 5G with network slicing

Network slicing is one of the hottest topics in the telecoms industry and is highlighted in the trending industry topics on our website. However, it is not enough to just have the network capability: telecoms operators need to be able to monetize network slicing. The time-to-market for a new capability is often very dependent on how quickly the business support systems (BSS) can support it.

Network slicing demo

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February we were demonstrating a live 5G network slicing use case with charging by Ericsson Revenue Manager. Watch this video of Grace Bosson Werélius demonstrating how to monetize slices in a 5G network in real-time with Ericsson Revenue Manager.

The use case example that Grace shows is for a surveillance camera service. In this example, the operator provides the service using two different network slices, with different performance and cost characteristics. The network slice "Enhanced Mobile Broadband" provides low-cost connectivity suitable for always-on low resolution access. When necessary, the user can choose high resolution access using the more expensive "Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication" network slice.

The demo shows how this looks to the user both for the surveillance service itself and also how the changing charges are reflected in the continuously updated real-time invoice.

The need for adaptive business logic

Network slicing opens up all sorts of services, provided by operators themselves, or enterprise partners. However, the investment in that technology could be nullified if BSS cannot rapidly support the necessary business logic.

This means that making money from network slicing is very dependent on flexible and powerful BSS with adaptive business logic to enable rapid creation of completely new services and offers.

Want to learn how Ericsson Revenue Manager can be configured in minutes to charge for 5G network slices?

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Graham Cobb
Graham Cobb is Director of BSS Product Marketing for Ericsson.
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