My 4 Tips for Setting Attainable Goals

Every new year, many people all over the world create a list of resolutions – a new ‘to-do list’ of activities to be embarked upon, or ‘bad’ habits to be given up. There is usually a feeling of renewed optimism and enthusiasm that 1st of January brings, and this inspires the lofty goals and ideas that are set in our personal and professional lives. Often, however, such goals do not make it past April, and in some interesting cases, February!

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Indeed, there are many statistics which show the trends that come with new year resolutions: how people set lofty goals at the start of the year; the most popular resolutions; and simple charts illustrating the achievement rates throughout the year. Many individuals tend to throw in the towel only after a few days, returning to their old habits. Now let me make a confession here: I used to be one of those people. However, upon investigation and analysis of the root-cause, and a conscious decision to change that pattern, I have discovered that the issue is not the goal/resolution, but how we set them.

In this article with the Daily Kobo: a platform which provides advice on Personal Finance, Career Development and Entrepreneurship, I share  my four workable tips for setting attainable goals which are the following:

  1. Weaning Over Cold Turkey
  2. Document Your Goals
  3. Get an Accountability Partner
  4. Celebrate the Successes

Read about these tips by checking out the article on the Daily Kobo here

What tips have you discovered that have helped you achieved your goals? Please share!

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