My Ericsson Sourcing Internship in Texas

 Alice Mamalepot

The Work

As a new intern in the Sourcing Group, I knew what my job duties were going to be, but I was very apprehensive of the whole thing. Were they going to like me? Was I good enough? Was I ready for this? My concerns were short-lived! My internship at Ericsson challenged me, the people that I met touched me and the whole experience transformed me.

None of the common internship misconceptions of being a “coffee-grabber” or being limited in the work assigned was part of my experience. I had received exposure, knowledge and gained more experience than what I imagined. My team was incredibly generous with their time and guided me through the entire process. I had regular one on ones with each member of the team where I could ask questions and was able to learn all the tricks of the trade. Other employees even went out of their way to meet and have coffee with me. I had a chance to speak to higher-ups like VPs and CFOs and that changed my life! Everyone encouraged me to shadow them, learn negotiation techniques and other skills first-hand by observing how to they interact with customers, suppliers, and senior managers. My manager even gave me the flexibility of working outside of my team with other groups, such as sourcing, on important projects and learn new techniques and tools.

I was given important responsibilities and took the lead on several important projects which scared me at first, but my colleagues were always there to offer some knowledge and my team remained an incredible safety net for me. It wasn’t always easy, but I was never alone through it.

The Lifestyle

One important thing for me has always been company culture. At Ericsson, employees gather together for events whether it is Mardi Gras or Valentine’s day. Employees always take time to breathe during the week and spend quality time bonding as a team. Sometimes my team would all go on a lunch sponsored by a senior Ericsson employee. Those times allowed me to learn more about other employees and create new memories with each of them.

I was treated with the same respect and expectation as any other employee. I had the flexibility to work from home if I wasn’t feeling well, and I could even leave early if I had an appointment or exams coming up. My team did not micro-managing me throughout my internship.

One of the many things I appreciated was the volunteer events that I was able to take part in at Ericsson. I volunteered for the Young Women in Engineering (YWISE) event and participated in a blood drive here at the office. Ericsson is actively involved with multiple organizations to promote diversity, equality and giving back to communities. Internal programs like the E-Star employee recognition program and the Health program which tracks your daily physical activity, rewards employees for being healthy and helpful. These employee programs emphasized the importance of gratitude, encouragement and uplifting one another.

The People

 Alice Mamalepot

This is the core of Ericsson and what makes it all worth it. I have never met a more eclectic group of people than at Ericsson. The diversity of employees from different backgrounds with completely different interests have made working at Ericsson so interesting. From former opera singers, nuclear engineers, professional photographers to improv’ professionals, you will find it here. Diversity is truly beautiful, and Ericsson has achieved not only diversity of backgrounds, but most importantly diversity of thought.

For the first time in my life, I felt comfortable having my natural kinky hair out and wearing my African outfits. It was not frowned upon at all, on the contrary, everyone loved it! It is not just the technology and achievements that make this company a leader in the ICT space, it’s the people.

As I continue my education, I know that I am more than just a student and intern, I am a real professional! I have grown and improved tremendously in the past year. I am ready for the challenge!

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