The World Will Need a Lot of 5G Talent

In my job as an Ericsson Public Relations person, I spend a lot of my time talking abou 5G and what will it mean to people and to industries. How will it transform a plethora of industries and processes, and create new ones that we can barely imagine today?

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This also means that it will generate an important business opportunity for many companies.

If I could be 20 years old again and hear this, I would want to get involved in this big thing called 5G, and I guess there are people in the universities around the world having this same thought right now.

5G will happen 2 years from now, but are we forming enough 5G talent? Consider that not only the companies like Ericsson or the operators will need this talent. It will be craved by industries like manufacturing, logistics, automotive or fintech, just to mention a few.

We at Ericsson are leading this transformation towards 5G – already 39 agreements in place – and now we are also leveraging on our leadership to boost the 5G talent that will be soon needed.

Together with UC3M University in Spain (among top Spanish universities in engineering) Ericsson has launched the first Master’s Degree in NFV and SDN Technologies for 5G Networks, conceived as we came across the need of developing talent in this area, which will be key for the digitalization of industries.

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The program is taught by UC3M engineers and professionals from leading companies in the industry, such as Ericsson, Acciona, Dell and Telefónica, among others. Twenty-five percent of the class hours will be held at the IMDEA Networks / 5TONIC Labs, the top European testbed for 5G technologies.

So, if you are a recent graduate within ICT and telecommunications or an active professional in this field, add it to your bucket list and become a 5G talent!

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