Unlock potential with communication services - Podcast #6

Once smartphone technology and applications were made available to the masses, it was like everyone suddenly had been offered their own personal keys to a gigantic amusement park. That’s how Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area, Communication Services in Ericsson describes the unleashing of potential in the mobile Networks with the advent of smartphone technology.

In conversation with Dez Blanchfield, Monica shared how her Communication Services team works closely with software developers to ensure our mobile amusement parks have the latest and greatest offerings to help us be more effective, efficient and of course, entertained.

Welcome to our next episode in the ‘Transmissions from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, where we discuss how applications have breathed new life into voice services and how Communication Services will be the backbone for future innovations such as AR and VR to help further unlock new opportunities for Telco’s and new capabilities for end users.

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"An amusement park, without a door"

In the course of the interview, Monica explains how working with IMS* (IP Multimedia Subsystem) before smart phones became widespread, was like knowing you have access to a giant amusement park without a door.

Monica outlines how the advancement of technology creates new value for mobile users and new possibilities for business models. In the podcast, they speak about how the future is going to be propelled through advancements in IoT (Internet of Things) and how voice can support Augmented Reality and Machine Learning can offer new possibilities to smartphone users.

In addition, Dez and Monica discuss how if they look into a virtual crystal ball – on the consumer side they see new digital assistance being made available in the Telco ECO-system, how at the MWC each carrier she spoke with was interested in leveraging this capability.


"Voice is the new black" - Zethson

Monica explains how VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is having a massive resurgence and with the advent of IoT brings new opportunities for monetization of services. The power of the human voice is also being explored via VoLTE demos at the recent MWC conference in Barcelona recently.


"A Cambrian Explosion of Possibility" - Blanchfield

In addition, Monica highlights how voice activated calls and responses, allows people to be more hands-free and offers new opportunities for mobility. Today more and more homes are activating their background music verbally through call outs to Google Assistant and Alexa. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible.

Therefore, the term ‘Voice is the new black’ refers to the new offerings, innovations and applications that are possible in areas such as ‘assisted living/ assisted home care’ and voice activation for emergency situations.

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Ericsson IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a core network solution that delivers rich real-time communication services for both consumer and business users over any access network and for any device types, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops and fixed phones.

Examples of communication services are HD voice (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling, enriched messaging, enriched calling with pre-call info, video calling, HD video conferencing and web communication. Ericsson has deployed NFV based IMS networks in commercial service globally, serving Millions of VoLTE users.


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Dez Blanchfield: Analyst / Consultant / Data Scientist / Investor

As an Industry Analyst, Business & Technology Consultant, and Data Scientist covering rapid growth markets such as Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Telecommunications, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine 2 Machine, Cyber Security, Cyber Risk & Resilience & Smart Cities. Dez has invested his professional career of some two and a half decades thinking out and influencing the development roadmaps of technology companies, aligning them to the customer experience demands and possibilities of forward thinking digital enterprises.

Dez is also an avid social media user and has a series of podcasts which we produces with leaders from different industries. This is a new series we have launched with @ericssondigital called “Transmissions from Tomorrow”. You can follow Dez Blanchfield on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about his industry insights.

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