5G is moving beyond turn 3-6 at COTA and setting up office close to “Mean Eyed Cat”

Ericsson has established a brand-new design center for 5G ASICs in Austin. Giving you an opportunity to be part of a team from start to an important mission. Build the technology for the critical mission of 5G infrastructure that will changes the world. Read this post about what you can expect to find and we hope you world like to join.


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5G Customer Engagement Marketing

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5G – Two characters changing the world

The mobile networks industry brings new network generations into daylight every 10 years and we are just in the beginning of the 5G era with the first trial networks already operational in Texas. With commercial networks coming later this year.

5G is different from previous generations in a variety of ways. Serving consumers with mobile broadband services will be important. But 5G allows network operators to provide three new types of services: Fixed Wireless Broadband at fiber speeds, for areas not yet served by fiber; Massive IoT, enabling a broad spectrum of small, low data applications; Critical IoT services where performance critical business applications can be supported without the need for a separate network.

Most people realize 5G will be faster and see it as a linear extension of the 4G networks we have today. But you will be part of changing networks in a profound way. We will bring down network latency, and 5ms will be more powerful than 5Gpbs peak rate. The network capabilities can be sliced for a variety of needs, leaving the “one slice fits all” era behind.  And 5G networks is a platform, with new software continuously upgraded 10X more often than in the past, all relying on powerful Ericsson ASICs for crucial radio network functions.

Ericsson’s role in bringing 5G to North America

Ericsson is the primary mobile network supplier in North America today. Supplying all the major mobile network operators. We have played a major role in establishing 5G in North America.

We have accelerated the 5G standard development in close co-operation with leading US network operators. Enabling the standard to be ready at least 12 months ahead of the original plan.

We are expanding the mobile eco-system beyond the mobile industry through collaboration with multinational leaders, such as GE and Honeywell in the 5G Innovators Initiative (5GI²), as well as establishing national 5G innovation platforms, such as the Evolution of Networked Services through a Corridor in Québec and Ontario for Research and Innovation (ENCQOR) in Canada

We have provided a range of proof of concept trial platforms for operators to evaluate 5G. From early lab trials, to radio network performance in the field, to complete networks for validation of leading use cases.

Finally, we have invested in primary research to evangelize about the 5G potential. Which industry can leverage 5G. How large business values can we unlock in each industry. Research supporting network operators and the broader eco-system in understanding where to go first.

A collaborative culture with a lot of problems solved by coffee machines

As a Swede who has been living in Texas for 7 years, I see a lot of great things when Ericsson operates in Texas.

Texans are well educated and very friendly to new people. They are passionate about growing and driving business forward, from large corporations to new start-ups.

Our corporate culture builds a lot on collaboration and a cut-to-the-chase attitude. Working at Ericsson is not just a job for you, it is to be part of a team, where a team is stronger than a sum of individuals. And never underestimate the amount of problems dealt with by coffee machines.

Swedish coffee image

Setting up a new office is a big thing for us. And of course, it is an even bigger thing in Texas. Come and join our team from start. It’s a great opportunity to put your engineering skills to work and to tell your grandchildren you were a part of bringing 5G to market later in life.

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