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In a recent blog post we gave an example of how to monetize 5G network slicing today. But, as we all know, one of the key issues is how quickly the business support systems (BSS) can be adapted to handle any new service.

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With innovative 5G and IoT services needing to be introduced very rapidly this is an issue concerning many telecom operators. Fortunately Ericsson Revenue Manager has been designed from scratch to replace customization with configuration using Adaptive Business Logic to support any new services or technologies immediately.

Ericsson Revenue Manager configuration demo

At Mobile World Congress we were demonstrating exactly how Ericsson Revenue Manager is configured to support a new technology such as 5G network slicing and how a new service offer can be built on top of the technical capabilities. And all this can be done in minutes, with easy-to-use graphical tools, and be available for use instantly.

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The use case example is the same as in the previous video: a surveillance camera service. In this example, the operator provides the service using two different network slices, with different performance and cost characteristics. This video shows how Revenue Manager is configured to add the two network slices "Enhanced Mobile Broadband" and "Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication" as well as the resolution data to be used for charging.

Once the underlying technology parameters have been added, the video goes on to show how offers can immediately be created to make use of these new parameters in rating decisions.

In a matter of minutes, the new service can be configured in Revenue Manager and be ready for deployment to live customers.

BSS for 5G operating at "digital speed"

This example shows how Revenue Manager transforms the business process around introducing new capabilities. In the past, the BSS was often the bottleneck for new service time-to-market. Now that bottleneck has been eliminated and services can be supported by the BSS instantly. This allows the operator to quickly introduce not only their own services, but services provided by third party partners, who would not tolerate the delays associated with traditional systems.

Monetizing 5G successfully will involve a lot of service innovation. Ericsson Revenue Manager allows that to happen at the speed of digital.

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