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5G is not just about quicker networks and more bandwidth, 5G will enable many new use cases that will bring new opportunities for people, society, and businesses and make the vital role of communication even more apparent than it is now.

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Let’s take the example of a major sports event like the “Tour de France”, where 176 riders of 22 teams will be biking for 3 weeks a distance of 3,329 km going through 21 stage hosting sites and towns. The event is followed by 12 million of on-the-ground spectators as well as millions of broadcast viewers around the world.

Imagine the following:

  • Fans following the event using 4K video streaming, virtual and augmented reality techniques and real time telemetry data of their favorite rider.
  • Broadcasters quickly adjusting their services to enable additional feeds to answer increasing demands.
  • Emergency services providing rapid response to riders and spectators by using remote techniques.
5G use case catalyst at Digital Transformation World cyclists with mobile device


5G Intelligent Service Planning and Optimization

In order to be able to support these use case examples, a number of IOT devices such as connected cameras and sensors mounted on bikes, motorbikes, helicopters and drones would be needed. The various services have different requirements for throughput, latency and availability. Due to the design of the Tour de France course, it would be impossible for operators to plan a cost efficient and agile connectivity needed for such an event using traditional planning and design methods and tools.

The challenging geographical area will require 5G mobile connectivity via mobile trucks with wireless backhaul and 5G antennas mounted on vans stationed along the way of the race.

They, in turn, will use microwave frequencies for fronthaul and backhaul, landing eventually at the distribution point, and finally to the broadcasters, who could then synthesize and create multiple personalized experiences for their customers.

In addition, various network slices would share the same infrastructure and provide various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS) for the specific requirement for each service:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) for video.
  • Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) for rider’s telemetry data.
  • Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (uRLLC) for emergency services and first responders.

Digital Transformation World 5G catalyst

Ericsson is participating in a catalyst at the upcoming Digital Transformation World industry event taking place in Nice, France next week. Here we will demonstrate how planning, design and operation of network slices and 5G services will be simplified and automated using Ericsson Orchestrator and Adaptive Inventory.

The 5G Intelligent Service Planning and Optimization catalyst is championed by AT&T, BT, NTT, Orange, and Telecom Italia. Ericsson collaborates with participants from AriaNetworks, MYCOM OSI and Wipro to demonstrate how a movable 5G network enables new immersive experience during events like the Tour de France. The 5G network can be dynamically planned, optimized, integrated and assured.

In addition, the catalyst will show service planning and activation along with reactive and proactive closed loop automation in conjunction with AI. The solution ensures that the agreed QoS and SLAs are delivered in dynamic 5G network slices and the network resources utilization is continuously optimized.

To learn more, visit the Catalyst Pavilion on Floor 3 – Zone 3 at Digital Transformation World in Nice, France on May 14 -16, 2018.

Visit the Ericsson Pavilion while you are there. For a preview of what we have planned for Digital Transformation World, read our latest blog titled Ericsson prepares for Digital Transformation World.

Make sure to tune into our Facebook live broadcast< on May 14th 15 CET, where we will have some exciting news to share!

We look forward to seeing you in the Cote D'Azur!

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