Automated NFV operations—two key use cases

One of the top expectations on NFV is the ability to introduce automation of operations. This improves reliability and keeps total cost of ownership low. In this brief video—Amit Sharma, Strategic Product Manager in Management and Orchestration, presents examples of automated NFV operations. The focus is on auto healing and auto scaling and the benefits they provide.

Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

Telecom operators run several real time critical services, such as VoLTE in their datacenters. Going forward we can expect more of new IoT services, also with very strict requirements on reliability and availability to be implemented.

Autohealing and autoscaling

Using the management and orchestration layer in NFV, it is possible to automatically trigger actions in the system to handle various challenging situations. This is done by correlating the information in the hardware, virtualization and application layers. After the correlation of these layers has been done, we get an intelligent decision point triggering key features or use cases when it comes to NFV operations—auto healing and auto scaling.

Auto healing can be used for recovering an application, for example when there is a hardware fault. The impacted virtual machine is re-created immediately on another host making sure the application and the service it supports continue to run. One more example that Amit brings up is auto scaling. By defining thresholds in the system, the assigned capacity for an application can instantly be increased automatically when the threshold has been reached, typically at busy hour or when there is an unexpected increase in traffic. Additional thresholds can be defined following the first one.

Automated NFV operations—two key use cases


Dynamic orchestration

By using dynamic orchestration operators will automate their NFV operations and consequently save costs since no manual intervention is needed. The system is doing the correlation between the layers, root cause analysis, healing and scaling for you. Another benefit with automated NFV operations is that the time to resolution is much shorter compared to manual mode.

Ericsson is publishing a series of eBriefs where we share some of our insights related to NFV transformation. In the third eBrief, "Invest in NFV management & orchestration", we discuss why you should invest in NFV MANO, what automation can do for your business, how to prepare for 5G and the lessons learned from our customers.

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