The need to analyze, understand and transform is now paramount for operators

Big data intelligence can fundamentally change how operators interact with their customers. EE, as one of the UK’s largest mobile operators and part of the BT Group, aim to deliver a next-generation customer experience management (CEM) system to analyse, understand and transform their customers' experience.

EE select Ericsson’s Expert Analytics to transform their customers' experience

Hence today, we are excited to announce that EE (part of BT Group) has selected Ericsson’s Expert Analytics solution to help them achieve this.

The importance of understanding the data and utilizing this to transform the customer journey is now fundamental. Ericsson’s solution will help EE better understand their experience in real time, whilst the detailed insights will also help them improve network quality.

There is now an unparalleled opportunity to understand the quality and causes of customer experience and realizing the power of data sits at the core of this.

But how can operators unlock the value of analytics?

Rising customer expectations and intense competition are forcing operators to deliver tailored customer experiences, across omni-channels, with outstanding quality, despite the network demands of advanced services. To meet these challenges, operators have embraced the promise of big data analytics, but many find it difficult to get big data insights out of the lab and into everyday operations. Data silos block progress, while the massive scale of events and metrics to be analyzed can jeopardize the real time promise of even the most robust deployments.

Ericsson Expert Analytics masters these challenges and more, providing actionable insights to improve the business and meet customer expectations.

Meeting raising expectations

So why is this so important? The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics is set to further disrupt the way consumers interact with companies. They have high expectations set by leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google, who are providing consumers with a better digital experience, both in terms of what they offer and in what they simplify and rationalize.

In Ericsson’s latest Consumer & Industry Lab Report (May 2018), it explores the future of consumer interactions with telecom operators. The report showed that consumers expect telecom service providers to build more meaningful relationships and improve the customer experience through technology. This will continue to impact consumer expectations and will challenge telecom service providers to be pre-emptive, predictive, and proactive. This can and will only be achieved through pushing the boundaries of data and analytics.

Do you want to know more? Ericsson’s Thomas Kinnman, Head of Analytics and Assurance will talk with LightReading on the 4th of June, about how real companies are reaping benefits from new insights in network planning and engineering, network operations, customer care, and product management and marketing.


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See what Ronald Loon, Top10 Big Data, Data Science, IoT, AI Influencer, says about this disruption when speaking with Thomas Kinnman, from Ericsson Digital in his blog post

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