Webinar: Telecom analytics, innovations & use cases

In operator workplaces around the world, data scientists and business analysts have been teaming with their colleagues across a range of operations centers to understand how advanced analytics capabilities can best be applied to solve business needs relevant to each domain.

Finding the "red thread" is a game-changer for thriving in consumer driven telecom marketplace

Within and across Network Operations, Engineering, Customer Care, Marketing and the CIO team, Ericsson has been working with our customers to develop new KPIs and use cases that define the hidden “red thread” that links customer behavior to network behavior. We believe that finding this thread is a game changer for thriving in today’s customer-driven telecom marketplace.

Through previously invisible insights, operators will uncover rich monetization opportunities and act to sustain high performance at lower cost while delivering superior and tailored experiences to every individual.

Join us for a Light Reading webinar on Telecom analytics

Join us on June 4th for a Light Reading webinar hosted by Heavy Reading analyst James Crawshaw with guest presenter Thomas Kinnman, Head of Analytics & Assurance at Ericsson. Gain an industry analyst viewpoint on the state of analytics in telecom followed by an Ericsson perspective on the science of uncovering actionable insights. A range of real life use cases will be explored vis-à-vis live and planned deployments. The webcast will be presented live and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Live event: Monday, June 4, 2018, 11:00 am New York / 4:00 pm London / 5:00 pm Central Europe

Moderator: Heavy Reading analyst James Crawshaw

Ericsson presenter: Thomas Kinnman, Head of Analytics & Assurance, Ericsson


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