Cloud and NFVi trends podcast – Dez Blanchfield with Lars Mårtensson

Our series of podcasts “Transmissons from Tomorrow” by Dez Blanchfield, a Strategist and Data Scientist continues—next up in the hot seat is Lars Mårtensson, Head of Solution Area Cloud and NFVi and Head of Ericsson Silicon Valley. Together they discuss transformative trends in the telecom market.

Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

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Topics of discussion: Potential of technology, operator challenges and changes in the industry

The conversation begins on a discussion centered around the potential of technology, how it can change the society and improve the lives of individuals for the better. Lars explains he has always been interested in technology—how it works and what one can do with it and he brings up an interesting example from South-East Asia where he was working in a previous position.

The dialogue continues around operator challenges. Voice is not the killer application any longer, while mobile broadband is the foundation for the industry. But operators must decide on whether they want to be a ‘connectivity utility’ or if they can do more, be more and serve their customers in a better way. Lars believes that there is an awareness amongst operators that IoT and 5G will bring many opportunities, the question is: how to best realize them from a technology and business model perspective?

In addition, they debated if the changes in the industry are technology or use case driven? Technology is a very strong driver since it’s not so easy to understand for users—in terms of exactly what they can do with it. However, the operator community is not a homogenous group—they view things differently and they take different paths.

Going forward, we can’t expect one thing to come out as a killer application. Applications related to low and stable latency look promising and here distributed cloud and edge computing are essential. Many use cases will be needed though to justify the investments in the network.


The role of NFVi

Dez and Lars discuss the role of NFVi—how it is a starting point for distributed cloud where many of the new applications will be deployed. Now the focus is on getting the NFVi technology up and running and then transforming our ways of working. The technology evolution and ways of working bring big cultural changes both for operators and vendors.

The podcast ends with a brief look into the crystal ball—where will these exciting technology possibilities take us ten years from now? There are huge opportunities, but it is difficult to predict how they will take shape. New technology will impact nations and the boundaries between them.

Technology will also drive economic growth since there will be less dependency on economy of scale. In addition, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics as integrated parts of applications that will help us to take better decisions.

Listen to the Transmissions from Tomorrow episode 9 below!


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Dez Blanchfield: Analyst / Consultant / Data Scientist / Investor

As an Industry Analyst, Business & Technology Consultant, and Data Scientist covering rapid growth markets such as Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Telecommunications, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine 2 Machine, Cyber Security, Cyber Risk & Resilience & Smart Cities. Dez has invested his professional career of some two and a half decades thinking out and influencing the development roadmaps of technology companies, aligning them to the customer experience demands and possibilities of forward thinking digital enterprises.

Dez is also an avid social media user and has a series of podcasts which we produce with leaders from different industries. This is a new series we have launched with @ericssondigital called “Transmissions from Tomorrow”. You can follow Dez Blanchfield on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about his industry insights.

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