How to make voice calls on smart speakers via a VoLTE network

Smart speakers are entering more and more households, and users can use the digital assistants to get answers and help with more and more everyday questions and tasks. Learn how you could also make and receive voice calls via your smart speaker just by using your regular mobile phone number. This is enabled via an operator's VoLTE network.

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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Smart speakers are natural companion devices for your mobile phones

Smart speakers are everywhere, and you probably already own one or at least have thought about getting one. There are literally tens of millions of them sold across the globe, mainly in North America, with growing interest in Europe and Asia Pacific. Most people today use their smart speakers to check the weather, play music, or listen to their favorite radio stations. But this is just the beginning. With the recent advancements in AI, smart speakers can become so much more.

Smart speakers could replace fixed phones and wireless DECT phones at home. Also, smart speakers are natural companion devices for your mobile phones. When you receive a call on your mobile phone, your smart speaker could ring as well, and you could choose how you want to answer. If you are busy with some activity that is hindering you from picking up a call on your smartphone or if you want the whole family to participate in the call (maybe it's grandma calling), then you take the call on the smart speaker. Just simply saying “Alexa, pick up my call” or “Hey Google, answer my voice call” should do the trick.


VoLTE already live in many mobile operator networks

Service providers can already enable this type of multi-device voice-calling service for consumers, with the mobile phone being the main device and the smart speaker being an additional device (thus the name "multi-device") in the bundle. The technology behind the multi-device network functionality is VoLTE and it is already rolled out and live in many mobile operator networks.

So, with this technology you could use the same phone number on your mobile phone also on your smart speaker. You could also be reached via just one phone number on even more devices, be it a smartphone, a cellular watch, a web-browser on your PC, or your new smart speaker.

Would you like to see a demonstration of how this could work?


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