The latest VoLTE services and 2018 forecast

In the June 2018 Ericsson Mobility Report, we concluded that the number of VoLTE subscriptions reached around 610 million subscribers by end of 2017 and are projected to reach 5.4 billion in 2023. Have you already embarked on the transformation journey to modernize your voice network and provide a more modern voice service experience for your customers? Are you aware of everything you can do with your VoLTE network? I have summarized the latest and greatest below, so you can get a quick overview in a couple of minutes.

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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Ericsson services to launch

In the November 2017 Ericsson Mobility Report, I wrote a blog post about new kinds of devices to monetize. Have you launched or tried any of these new devices and services yet? If you visited Mobile World Congress 2018 and the Ericsson booth, you could have tried some new devices with VoLTE support, for example, some IoT devices we have been exploring to look into how to enable new useful use cases for different kinds of businesses. If you missed that, you can see an interview with our partner Telit on how to expand the device eco-system for VoLTE over Cat-M1. We also teamed up with high-end loudspeaker company Jabra to explore how to improve voice quality for VoLTE-enabled IoT devices.

And what about looking into providing a better user experience for consumers when they are contacting small businesses, such as a flower shop, a bakery, or an on-call doctor? That is another demonstration from Mobile World Congress where we combined VoLTE with WebRTC technology, so you can see how to interact easily via your VoLTE smartphone and order a personally designed cake from a bakery.

If you are also interested in WebRTC technology and want to discover how to develop some new, interesting cloud-based communication services for enterprises and consumers, you can do this yourself by trying Ericsson software.

The latest communication gadgets entering the market now are home assistants, or smart speakers, from a lot of different device vendors. Why not also use your VoLTE network to enable voice and SMS on these kinds of devices? You can see some demonstrations of this also. Here is how you could do voice calls via a smart speaker and see how you can SMS via a smartspeaker, just using your regular mobile phone number.

VoLTE-based services over NFV-based networks

Many operators are now transitioning to cloud networks, and VoLTE is one of the services that will run over NFV-based networks. If you want to learn more about how to start the journey to NFV, follow our blog series, where we share experiences from our early learnings when working with the front-runner NFV service providers that have now put the first networks into commercial service.

What is the next step everyone is talking about for 5G nowadays? And how will VoLTE-based services play a role in 5G? Read my latest blog post on this topic and get access to our newly published VoLTE white paper, which provides the latest information about new VoLTE user services and explains how VoLTE will also be used in a 5G context.

Check out the June 2018 Ericsson Mobility Report and find a forecast on VoLTE for your region.


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