Finding a community within the IoT connectivity management ecosystem

Businesses have an increasing need for global connectivity management services. Manufacturers want out-of-the-box global connectivity for their products, and enterprises want real time visibility of connected assets.

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For communications service providers, fulfilling the need for global IoT connectivity management serves as a solid foundation for IoT offerings. To offer their customers seamless connectivity around the world requires service providers to build cooperative ecosystems and reciprocal service agreements.

Service providers have a solid grip on the IoT value chain

For many enterprises, using existing cellular networks is the best way to connect IoT sensors, devices and machinery. Service providers have the chance to offer such enterprises a wide range of IoT solutions. Leveraging the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform, service providers can move up the IoT value chain with offerings such as IoT-ready billing platforms and a marketplace for IoT applications.

So, service providers have a number of ways to expand IoT offerings, they just need to decide which path suits them best. According to a live survey taken during our Connectivity Management Sales Forum, which took place in Stockholm on May 30th and 31st, they are currently working to climb up the IoT value chain.

What is your current ambition regarding your role in the IoT value chain

Growth opportunities for service providers

As covered in our 2018 report, Exploring IoT Strategies, there are a number a ways communications service providers can determine which market position suits them best today, and going forward. During our event, we discussed three strategies with which providers can differentiate their offerings.

Three strategies to profitable growth

The majority of service providers attending our forum are focused on quality of service and relationship-building with their enterprise clients. According to our survey, the market-led strategy is the most popular, closely followed by a quality-led, progressive strategy.

In a still immature IoT market, it makes sense for service providers to offer a bit of “hand holding” for their customers. Guiding enterprises step-by-step, and supporting with a simple path to robust, global IoT connectivity.

Which of the three strategies represent your company

Finding a community within the IoT ecosystem

To achieve an ever-higher standard of quality in this expanding market, service providers need to keep strengthening their ecosystems.

With events like our Connectivity Management Sales Forum, my colleagues and I are working to promote growth within the service provider ecosystem. Even in the digital age, when people have the chance to meet face-to-face, a lot can be accomplished in a short time.

A forum for real talk about IoT

The forum not only gave the participants from 15 service providers and industry alliances a chance to examine current challenges, but also to determine how to best serve enterprise customers as the IoT matures. With this open dialogue, we at Ericsson are better able to understand what communications service providers need, while providers can help each other overcome common challenges, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Participants at Ericsson Connectivity Management Sales Forum 2018

Participants at Ericsson Connectivity Management Sales Forum 2018

Describe in max 3 words your experience at 2018 IoT connectivity management sales forum

Building relationships, not just ecosystems

We’re proud of our IoT Connectivity Management platform and its ability to help service providers work together. But a successful ecosystem can’t be built on technology alone. IoT ecosystems need support from communities of real people who understand each other’s needs and goals.

To continue our efforts in community building, Ericsson is hosting IoT Day Singapore on September 18, 2018. This event will be a place for tough questions and straight talk. To build more relationships in your IoT ecosystem, please join us in Singapore, or at future events.

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