Football, 5G, and finding out what consumers think of network performance

Football fans – what a summer we are having! Normally, I am not a big football enthusiast, but the feast we are served in Russia has got me hooked! Such a treat.

Football fans

In my previous post from June 18, I assessed what the fortunes would be of the 32 national teams participating in this year’s global football tournament in Russia, if the competition were based on the overall performance of each nation’s network.

Now that we have reached the quarterfinals of the football tournament, I thought it would be a good idea to check how many of those countries also reached the same stage in the “world championship for network performance” that I highlighted last time.

Well, nine of the countries that made it to the last 16 stage of the global football tournament also reached the same stage with regard to network performance. These were Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Portugal, Spain, Sweden (yay!) , Switzerland and Uruguay.

However, only two countries in the quarterfinals of the global tournament reached the same stage regarding their network performance, namely Belgium and England. All the rest of the countries have dropped out of our world championship for network performance, and interestingly enough, Belgium would emerge victorious in the final against England on July 15 with its superior networks.

Swisscom gauges consumers’ perception of network performance

Switzerland may have lost out to Sweden in the last 16 round of the football (the Swiss actually would have won the game if it was based on network performance!), but local operator Swisscom has gained valuable insights into how to provide its consumers with a superior customer experience. It has done this by conducting a customer satisfaction survey both before and after it carried out significant improvements to its network to find out how consumers perceive network performance and what influences their satisfaction when using apps. You can read more about this in the article entitled Network Performance Through the Eyes of Customers, which is included in the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.

5G developments

Japan put up a brave fight before finally being defeated on the field by Belgium in the football tournament. It was not decided until the very last minute who would actually walk away victorious. Heart-stopping indeed. Thrilling moments will for sure occur in 2020 as well, when Japan will host summer sports events in Tokyo, and the country will be deploying fully commercial 5G networks in time for that.

Another Asian participant in Russia was South Korea, and I was probably not the only one amazed by how well they did against über-football-nation Germany. Back home it carried out a successful pre-commercial 5G trial earlier this year during the Pyeongchang 2018 winter sports events in preparation for commercial deployment.

The opportunities that 5G brings to telecom service providers are vast. For instance, by addressing industry digitalization opportunities they can profit from an additional 36 percent revenue potential by 2026. These 5G-enabled industry digitalization investments are expected to generate a USD 619 billion revenue opportunity for telecom service providers in 2026 alone.

These are some of the findings available in Ericsson’s latest 5G Business Potential Report, which focuses on opportunities for operators across 10 key industries and incorporates detailed use cases per industry.

So, while fans of most of the 32 countries that began the global football tournament in Russia will have to wait another four years to hope to see their nation win the golden trophy, operators can already start winning today through 5G investments, improving network performance and enhancing user experience.

Being a Swede – although we might at this stage in the tournament have lost the network performance world championship – it gives me great pleasure (understatement!) that we are still continuing our path in Russia, and I hope the team can bring that trophy home!

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