ICT Girls at the British International School of Stockholm

We were really excited when we heard about Ericsson! All of us really wanted to go (even the jealous boys who couldn’t come). When we arrived at Ericsson we couldn’t wait to learn about technology and make our own designs.

Girls In ICT Day

Marko was really kind to take the time to show us a presentation and inspire us. We did a lot of fun activities, like making presentations, and we had to think of how we could improve a street light. Our favorite ideas were a disco street light which allows you to throw a party in the middle of the street, and a street light that hovers using magnets.

We had a strawberry milkshake for a snack and tortillas for lunch, and lots of fun too!

We also did a project where we designed a perfect backpack. For example Mary designed a backpack with a Bluetooth speaker and a charger for an iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple watch. Some people also added a small pillow so you can sleep on it.

The last activity that we did was solving a problem, which was helping children in Africa to attend school. It takes them 3 hours to walk to school and back, and in this time they could have been helping at home or doing their homework. Our idea was to give every family in Africa one tablet. On this tablet you would have a kind of Google classroom that would help children in Africa learn and go to school at home. On the Google classroom the teacher can take videos of themselves talking, teaching and explaining a certain topic, or they could live stream to go through lessons. Children in their homes would be able to watch it and learn. Teachers can also record lessons so that children can go back to re-watch them.

This would help families because the parents don’t have to walk 3 hours to pick up their children from school, when they could be farming or washing clothes. Here in Sweden we do not have to walk for 3 hours or more, because our parents could drive us or we could take the bus. But in Africa that is not an option for the children, so why not help them through technology?

The day was very interesting. We have learned so much and some of us are thinking about studying technology. It was very fun! Thank you so much to Ericsson for inviting us. We hope to see you next year too!  Nora, Valentina and Mary

Girls In ICT Day
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