Next stop, Jorvas – distributed cloud platforms and edge computing

I am Marina Koroleff, a 20 year old Computer Science student from Kirkkonummi, Finland. This summer I’m working as an intern in the cloud team at Ericsson in Jorvas.

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Marina Koroleff – Background

Just over a year ago, I was about to graduate from High School when I had an idea; I would start studying computer science. I had no previous experience or knowledge of the subject or what studying this subject would be like, just a feeling that I would like it. I had always enjoyed math, logic and problem-solving. Last September, I started studying computer science at Aalto University. Besides the basic courses in math and physics, I’ve also been learning the basics about computers, programming and databases as a foundation for my studies in computer science. Now I know that my feeling was right and I’ve really enjoyed my first year.

As my first year studies progressed, I also wanted to learn more and develop my skills during the summer. An internship at Ericsson felt perfect for both gaining more knowledge and getting insights into what it’s like working in the field. I was very excited but also nervous when I got the internship; how would I, with my limited experience, be able to work at a big company like this.

Cloud, UI, HTML and JavaScript here in Jorvas

On my first day at work, I got to know the place and the people in the same team as me, where the cafeteria is; I got practical things done like getting a photo taken for my ID card. They briefed me on the projects in progress and I also had a say on what I wanted to work on during the summer.

The cloud team that I’m part of here in Jorvas works with distributed cloud platforms and edge computing. In this area, they‘re currently focusing on clouds for autonomous local environments and orchestration and lifecycle management for industrial IoT applications.

My team is involved in a program called Design4Value (D4V), run by the DIMECC ecosystem. Ericsson is one of several industry partners in DIMECC and the D4Vprogram. As part of the project, the team has been looking at a use case for autonomous ships and are developing a demo for this use case. The demo will show the transportation of data between the central cloud and the ship, how the system works and what its potential is. It will be used to demonstrate the cloud solution at different fairs, which means the demo must be clear and descriptive. My task for the summer was to develop the User Interface (UI) for presenting the demo.

Because the demo is made as a web application, I started by learning about HTML and JavaScript, which were new to me. But since I learned programming in my first year at college, they weren’t difficult to start working with. I'll use them to show both the practical application – which in the demo will be data from a model ship – and the underlying network worked on by the team.

My Ericsson Experience – so far

I’ve been working here for a month now, and it’s great. I’ve learned a lot and gotten help and support from the team whenever I needed it. Until now, I’ve mostly been working on the graphics and how the UI should look and the data should be presented. One of the best parts of the work here is collaborating and sharing ideas and views on how the final product should look to present what it must, and fitting it together with the rest of the demo. Working together with other parts of the team, we’ve already enabled the data from a moving model boat to be displayed in real-time on the UI.

In the figure, we can see the first part of the UI I’m working on. It takes data from a model ship and displays it on screen. The ship image follows the movements of the model ship in real time and draws a path showing its movements. I’m also working on the design of the page using the Ericsson brand.

So much more than just a job

In addition to the work, there are multiple clubs and activities organized for the people working here. I take part in a dance club that meets every week to learn Lindy Hop together. The club is an opportunity to get to know my colleagues better and do something different and fun together.

I’m excited about the rest of the summer, taking on new challenges and learning more. My next steps will involve work on showing the cloud side of the demo in the UI. I feel like a part of the team and I’m getting a realistic view of what the work in the field is like.

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