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Episode no.14 has just been released and has two special guests in the hot-seat on this three-way podcast. Together, they discuss what is the business potential with 5G, is there a measurable difference to 4G, what is the technology behind it, what kind of use-cases can be realized and when we expect to have it live. So take a comfortable seat and listen to our experts at the ‘bleeding edge’ of 5G Fredrik Engströmer, Head of Marketing 5G Core and Monika Byléhn, 5G Marketing Director at Ericsson who together take us through the latest developments in this area.

Both Monika and Fredrik are instrumental in interacting with our front-runners, that is to say, the customers shaping the Telecom industry and in planning the next 5G customer use cases. In this podcast, listen and hear first-hand the evolution and opportunities for Communication Service Providers as 5G reaches commercialization.


The podcast series is moderated by Dez Blanchfield, data scientist and technology thought leader, in this episode you will hear what are the short-term and long-term opportunities for consumers as well as industries. How advanced 5G use cases are already in trial stages—for example healthcare digitalization, manufacturing and we also see use cases in the energy sector. However, interestingly, most of the potential use-cases, according to Monica, have yet to be realized.

Fredrik outlines technically what 5G will bring to the table. He says it’s more than just an upgraded ‘G’ and faster data download ability. It will bring new KPIs as the technology evolves such as improved low latency to support critical use cases, spectrum efficiency, longer battery life time, more mobility, more resilience reliability and better location accuracy.


Remote robotic surgery

Why is latency important? Consider the patient lying on the surgery table undergoing highly sensitive life-saving operation such as open-heart surgery in a remote rural area, being connected via 5G to specialized experts at a central hospital—how much resistance or downtime should the surgeon tolerate? Consider self-driving lorries or cars, one second of downtime or buffering in both cases could be fatal.


1 billion 5G subscriptions by 2023

The latest Ericsson Mobility report – June 2018, states that by 2023, 20% of all mobile traffic will be carried on 5G Networks globally. While the report also estimates that 48% of North American subscriptions will be over 5G by the same date.

Both Monika and Fredrik are optimistic that as for what innovation the future holds, it will be powered by 5G. We can already see remote-controlled drones are capable of delivering much more than an online order, they can deliver life-saving equipment to remote locations for example, using drone delivery for defibrillators. This is infinitely quicker than any doctor or helicopter ambulance. Indeed, both Fredrik and Monica believe the biggest boom from 5G could impact the healthcare industry with the possibilities for real-time virtual patient monitoring and management.

However, we are just beginning to realize the other wider potentials of this technology such as Augmented Reality training solutions (medical, engineering etc.).

What do you think is possible? Listen to the podcast for some inspiration….


Link to Podcast


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