Ericsson Technology Day in the UK

We’re shaping the future – 21 secondary school students from the St. Peters School in Guildford, UK, recently visited Ericsson for insight into the opportunity that 5G brings. Our aim was to inspire them to one day be part of our diverse workforce in the future tech market, and by the feedback received, we might be seeing some of them soon! The technology day included a tour of the office, whilst explaining what 5G is about – how it will revolutionise telecommunications and potentially impact all industries for good.

Ericsson Technology Day

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Peter Marshall, Ericsson’s 5G Principal Lead for King’s College London, who immersed the students into the opportunities of 5G, said: “It was a real privilege to present to such an audience and listen to their ideas and questions. It is important that we show all aspects of what Ericsson is about and ensure that those who attended left excited about their visit – the smiles on their faces that was a great sign.”

The highlight of the day was the healing hand  which is fundamental component of the “internet of skills” concept  developed at the 5G Tactile Internet Lab at King’s College London. Using Ericsson’s cutting-edge 5Gnetwork infrastructure in combination with some of the world’s most advanced robotic research, the team at King’s College has created the ability to allow the remote transfer of haptic, tactile, audio and visual technologies. This enables a surgeon or doctor to perform a diagnosis or even surgery on a patient anywhere in the world.

The event was a success thanks to all the volunteers: Peter Marshall, Sarah Finch, Keith Sherlock, Dylan Parrin, Roger Peacock, Emma Hotston, Sangeeta Tulsiyan, Javier Lopez Garcia, Lynda Guttenberg, Luke Simpson and Richard Adams. Thank you all!

Deborah Molloy, Delivery Specialist and organizer of this event, said: “I am passionate about diversity and inclusion. While diversity acknowledges the differences everyone brings to the workplace, inclusion confirms that each and every one is valued and welcome. I am proud to work for Ericsson who strive to be a workplace that respects and appreciates individual differences. In order to create a more diverse workforce in the future, we’ve looked at future talent in our local schools and how we can inspire them to be part of our journey in the future tech market.”

Cathy Thompson, Careers Lead, St Peter’s Catholic School, Guildford, thanked the Ericsson team: “A big thank you to all staff at Ericsson UK who participated in our students’ workplace visits on Friday. They had a great time, and many students who might not have previously considered Ericsson as a future employer, now understand the work you do, and the opportunities to work for such a great company like yours.  […] With the current digital skills gaps, it is essential that we inform our students about working in this sector and at St Peter’s we offer our students a breadth of experiences to do this.  However, we rely on the support of companies like Ericsson to show the practical real-world examples of this type of work.”

Tom Collard, Head of Year 8, St Peter’s School, concurred: “The St Peter’s students had a fantastic experience working with Ericsson. They now have a much better understanding of Ericsson, a career opportunity and an insight into the future of technology. A great experience and learning opportunity. Awesome!”

Pedro Nobrega, student at St Peter’s School: “I visited Ericsson as a possible future career option and wanted to find out all about Ericsson and who they are and what they are all about. I went there as an interested young pupil and learnt a lot about Ericsson and how it will affect my life and all around me. Ericsson is so big and helpful for all, even though many are unaware [of the company] as I was before I visited. I enjoyed the visit very much and will consider it in the future.”

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