How T-Mobile US and Ericsson teamed up to deliver a great customer experience

We’re all searching for better ways to deliver on the promise of vital but complex new services. T-Mobile US, the global leader in Voice over LTE (VoLTE) deployment, has been working hard to find ways to deliver the best possible VoLTE customer experience. T-Mobile partnered with Ericsson to apply Ericsson Expert Analytics to achieve a significant improvement in VoLTE service quality visibility.

Take a look at this short video where Grant Castle, T-Mobile’s VP of Engineering Services and Quality Assurance, and I walk through the highlights of our collaboration on VoLTE quality using big data analytics.

The video speaks for itself, but in short, Ericsson Expert Analytics enables T-Mobile to correlate and analyze cross-domain data in near real-time, producing actionable insights about customer symptoms—such as garbling, muting, and soft drops—and corresponding root causes. With this knowledge, T-Mobile can shorten trouble resolution times and reduce customer complaints. The bottom line benefits are greater customer satisfaction as well as improved operational efficiency.

This is just the beginning of the journey when it comes to analytics. Our experience and competence in this area is growing fast. Our platform and our expertise—in conjunction with our digital services portfolio—provide a solid foundation for us to grow into new use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence to serve the future needs of our customers, especially as we embark upon the 5G journey. I’m so excited to be working in this area—we’re primed for great things!

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