Adding 5G to your mobile core network quickly and effectively

Would you like to know how to introduce 5G to your core network quickly and effectively while protecting existent services? Then join the GlobalData webinar, sponsored by Ericsson, on the topic “Evolution from 4G core networks to 5G made easy”

Solution Marketing Manager 5G Core

Solution Marketing Manager 5G Core

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Building a platform for the future of mobile networks

The network evolution from EPC to 5GC plays a central role in creating a powerful network platform, capable of being exposed and automated, for operators to extract more value and become contributors in existing and emerging ecosystems.

But a common question from services providers world-wide is how to get there in the most smooth and cost-effective way, adding new network capabilities that goes hand-in-hand with their business targets.

Non-Stand Alone (NSA) or Stand Alone (SA) 5G NR, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Distributed Cloud, Network Slicing, Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS). These are some aspects you may be evaluating but how do they fit together and when to consider each of them in your network evolution plan?

There are different roads leading to 5GC and each of them will offer a different experience. You, as a service provider, have the tough task of deciding which road to take.

You are not alone on this challenge

Ericsson has been in the forefront of the next generation of mobile core networks testing and developing new use case with the leading 5G operators in US, Asia and Europe.

This allowed us to develop a holistic view on the evolution journey from EPC to 5GC to ensure meeting business goals, while keeping costs and risks under control in your whole 5G program.

We want now to share this knowledge and experiences with you.

This webinar will outline our findings and thoughts on how your core network evolution can be simplified and will introduce the building blocks of a cloud core network for 5G offering you a holistic view of the evolution journey with the flexibility of choosing the path that suits your needs better.

Join this webinar and start planning your evolution journey to 5G core to capture the first mover advantage.

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