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Hello, my name is Callum Williams and I was one of the students from St Peter’s school in Guildford, U.K., who took part in the Ericsson Technology Day. What intrigued me about the Technology Day was that Ericsson was one of the businesses working towards the development of making 5G real.

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Some of the activities and presentations that took place included a description on what 5G was and how the technology has developed, and how Ericsson has worked on helping with the recovery of countries and places that have been hit by natural disasters and have no contact with anyone. One of the ways that Ericsson helps with the recovery is by helping to set up wifi hotspots for schools, police and other places for the local community to contact relatives.

Activities that I found interesting included when we were split into two equal teams and had to remember key parts of the presentation we had learnt, as well as having a tour around the offices to see what the work style was like. One of the best parts of the activities was a video in the 5G presentation where they gave a chance to people in a community to see changes to their town in the world of technology through their phones using the camera on the phone and using Minecraft.

5G and the Internet of Things will enable consumers and businesses to control anything they want wirelessly like your fridge for example, being able to tell you when you have run out of a certain product like milk or paying for something you want out of a vending machine without having to get any change out. This will benefit consumers because it will make life easier and less time consuming if in a rush.

I am personally excited for the future of 5G to come into place. It will give everyone, even people who aren’t too keen on electrical devices, the chance to enjoy and have some fun by using VR to explore the world and experience new things that you have always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Once you start using VR, anything you have ever wanted to do is now possible by just downloading something and putting a pair of goggles on. For example, the elderly who are housebound will be able to put the goggles on and connect to people of a similar age, ‘meet’ up and have fun doing what they want to virtually but can’t in ‘real life’.

Through this visit I have learnt that Ericsson as a company has been able to help lots of people through their day to day life by being electronically connected, including helping families all over the world, who have lost their homes and have nothing left. Ericsson has been able to contribute to providing a future in technology which will help and please lots of people.

I would consider Ericsson as a future employer because personally, I am a very technology kind of person. I love it and am mostly using it if I get the chance. The things that Ericsson has achieved is amazing – the things they do for the families and people all around the world in disasters too. I would like to be a part of something like that which makes a difference to people’s lives around the world.

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