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Only one-third of consumers believe their telecom service provider understands them as a customer. This is one of the data points delivered in "The Zero-touch Customer Experience"—a recent insight report from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab. This blog post further discusses the telecom customer experience chasm. View the video featuring thought leaders Dez Blanchfield and Analysys Mason's John Abraham.

Telecom service providers are being challenged on the customer experience they deliver today.The root cause of the problem is simple: the supplied service is not on par with expectations. This message is delivered by those who matter most: the customers themselves. A recent report from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab sums up the current situation with the following three key insights:

  1. Consumers feel exhausted by interactions with telecom service providers.
  2. Current digitalization efforts mirror the analog world.
  3. Consumers expect a zero-touch customer experience.

This study, which is based on quantitative and qualitative data, is representative of over 700 million people from seven markets: Brazil, China, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, and the US.

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Video interview with John Abraham

In a recent interview from Digital Transformation World in Nice, we asked industry thought leader Dez Blanchfield and John Abraham, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason, to comment on the new Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab Report. Tune in to the conversation below:

Reflections on the interview

I find this to be a very interesting conversation around telecom customer experience and the delta between customer expectations and what is delivered by telecom service providers. It's particularly noteworthy where Dez and John talk about:

  • How expectations are different in target groups that did not grow up with traditional telecom services. This includes both millenials that grew up with the likes of Netflix and Amazon as well as the billions of people in developing markets that never had the dial-up experience but are now on the Internet with a smartphone or tablet.
  • How consumers are in the driver's seat of market disruption, and how their preferred choice is driven by ease of use and cost. These are attributes that digital leaders, such as the leading Internet players, seem to have natively in their mindset as well as within their technology platforms, with telcos being behind the curve.
  • How telecom service providers need to deal with the challenge of re-inventing the experience across the full customer journey. As John Abraham points out, it is not only about deciding what to do, but also about securing a safe transformation from legacy support systems to a system architecture that is new, modern, and decoupled. The legacy technology and system heterogeneity challenges make telecom service providers very different from digital leaders that built their business in another technology era.


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You can also explore this topic further at our digital telecom customer experience page.

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