VoLTE growth depends upon an optimal call experience

How can service providers efficiently manage their network operations and ensure consistently reliable VoLTE call quality and service?

Actionable VoLTE performance insights help operators boost call quality and customer satisfaction

When today’s smartphone users continually experience VoLTE calls with soft drops, one-way audio, or garbled voices, their frustration can drive them to complain to customer service, vent on social media or, worse, find an alternative service provider.

Over time, persistent technical problems like these do more than just impacting call quality; they can hamper the growth of a mobile operator’s subscriber base, impede VoLTE expansion, and ultimately erode return on investment and profitability.

While VoLTE 4G networks deliver superior voice quality compared to legacy 3G networks, carriers still face growing pains. It’s difficult for operators to detect and troubleshoot instances where VoLTE call quality falls short of customer expectations, especially when operators are scaling out their networks.

At Ericsson, we’re leveraging our extensive experience in deploying large-scale VoLTE implementations worldwide to deliver solutions that help operators efficiently manage their network operations and ensure consistently reliable VoLTE call quality and service.


How we use Expert Analytics to support VoLTE

Designed as a telco-specific data analytics solution, Ericsson Expert Analytics automatically gathers, analyzes, and correlates key business and technical performance data from many points across a service provider’s network.

Calls plagued with issues like soft drops, garbled voices, and one-way audio are difficult to detect using siloed network performance data and other traditional quality metrics. However, the Ericsson approach uses powerful analytics engines and proprietary VoLTE algorithms to process and interpret data from across the enterprise in near-real-time.

The result is insightful, actionable insights that enable operators to take quick, decisive, and proactive measures to resolve issues faster, ensuring a consistently higher quality of service.

VoLTE Call Browser

VoLTE Call Browser, one of the powerful components of Ericsson Expert Analytics, provides a meaningful presentation of every VoLTE call made on a network with a focus on VoLTE call quality. It also notifies operators whenever poor call quality is detected.

The reported data sheds light on the likely root cause of a particular issue, when it occurs, and which subscribers are likely affected, among other factors, even before customers actually perceive service degradations. It also recommends corrective actions that tech support can take to bring about faster resolutions.

With VoLTE Call Browser in live operation, customer care agents at a Northern European operator saw the rate of inbound complaints fall by 12% while the average time spent addressing these calls fell by half, within the first 12 months. To learn more about the VoLTE service quality management value proposition, please check out our Insights in Analytics article: Actionable Insights to Improve the VoLTE Call Experience.

By tracking every VoLTE call in near real-time, continually evaluating the data network-wide, and providing a higher-level visualization of VoLTE network call quality, VoLTE Call Browser works within the Ericsson Expert Analytics environment to ensure better, more-reliable mobile service and a more satisfying customer experience.

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