VoLTE made easy: bring deployment time down to weeks

If you have decided to deploy VoLTE, I assume you want to do it as smoothly and quickly as possible. Would you like to bring deployment time down to just weeks? This is what you can do today, reaping the benefits of cloud technology.

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Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

Solution Marketing Manager, Voice solutions

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Deployment of VoLTE in weeks using cloud technologies

For several years, Ericsson has deployed VoLTE in many networks globally with native IMS installations. We have learned a lot from all these earlier deployments and have now designed our solutions to make installations easier by using the benefits of the latest cloud technologies.

We have now developed three different Ericsson cloud-based VoLTE solutions, which are suited for different service provider needs, that you can deploy in weeks in your network. 


Commercial solutions suiting different service provider needs

Whether you are a service provider with millions of customers or just thousands of users, you have your own cloud datacenter, or you want a full-stack solution for VoLTE services, there is an industrialized solution that will suit your requirements. The same is true if you are an MVNO or mission-critical service provider looking for an easy way to get both mobile broadband and voice services over LTE and Wi-Fi ready in your network in one step. You can deploy VoLTE in weeks now.

What kind of service provider are you, and what are your needs when it comes to deploying VoLTE? Check out this overview infographic to find out which of these solutions fits your needs best, and then deep-dive into the solution you found most interesting.


Click for the infographic


Select the solution you think suits your needs best and learn more details about it here:


Download Ericsson Cloud VoLTE

Download Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch

Download Ericsson Compact Core


Or read more about Ericsson VoLTE.

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