A look back at the OSS summit 2019 – Unlocking the value of automation

This year marks the 20th year of the annual OSS Summit, hosted by Swisscom in Zurich in collaboration with over 30 telecom operators from around the world – who come together each year to share their experiences and knowledge around the latest and hottest topics within OSS

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Head of Digital Services, Market Area Europe & Latin America

Head of Digital Services, Market Area Europe & Latin America

During this year’s milestone event, I had the opportunity to talk about the strategic partnership between Swisscom and Ericsson. As a pioneer of 5G services with Ericsson, our collaboration with Swisscom has seen significant outcomes in their digital transformation journey to boost customer experience and operational performance – through collaboration with a solution-focused approach to consistently deliver better results.


OSS drives automation in 5G and IoT

It’s no understatement, OSS is the lifeblood that brings together cutting-edge technology and superior customer experiences. And this year’s OSS Summit theme, Automation in Action, showcased exactly that – how OSS drives automation in 5G and IoT to enhance productivity, reliability and efficiency to enable the best customer experiences. From sharing the latest knowledge and experiences around everything OSS – including cloud transformation, early 5G learnings and how artificial intelligence and machine learning is shaping the future – the event highlighted how Ericsson is evolving its OSS portfolio to help service providers unlock the full potential of 5G.

To thrive in the digital economy, service providers need the right solutions to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs; speed up time to market; identify and generate new business opportunities – and provide an even greater customer journey. With customer experience at the heart of our OSS portfolio, we have evolved our solutions to help operators quickly and easily get ahead in today’s fiercely competitive market. Through Service automation and closed loop automation for example, we are leveraging new technologies that automate very complex hybrid networks – unleashing opportunities for new revenue streams. Integrating automation and DevOps into our game-changing technology and services, we are driving solutions that are easy to use, adopt, and scale to help service providers be successful in a fully connected world. 


Shaping how we do things

Being operator-led, the OSS Summit brought me together with several Ericsson customers at the demo stations, a hotbed for constructive and insightful conversations. It’s unplanned discussions like these that bring us even closer to our customers; that play a part in shaping how we build the future. As a community, in partnership with telecom operators, we must continue the automation journey, with focus on significantly lowering the costs of operating hybrid networks.

As we look back on another collaborative and engaging OSS Summit, I would like to thank Swisscom for hosting the event, and the Ericsson customers who took part in the sessions and shared their valuable experiences and feedback. Coming together regularly as an industry to share our insights and knowledge is a powerful collaboration. It unlocks value that ultimately impacts people, business and society. For Ericsson, this collaboration continues our mission to innovate technology for good.

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