Bringing empathy to work

For me, embracing diversity opens so many possibilities for humankind. It means the world will be a better place for everyone, no matter how you look at things. It also means we will progress faster than we think we are capable of, and we will confront and address the issues the world is facing. Diversity and inclusion mean limitless possibilities that create exciting possibilities for everyone!

Head of Network Managed Services

Head of Network Managed Services

All we have to do is treat each other as equals and care for each other!

From a business perspective, the value of a diverse and inclusive culture is simple – it will ensure that we are the undisputed leader in whatever we choose to do by helping us unlock and harness our true talent. That’s our philosophy: We believe diverse and inclusive teams drive performance and business innovation.

Bringing empathy to work

There is one powerful behavior needed for us to treat and care for each other as equals: empathy. Empathy means really caring about what matters to others and putting yourself in their shoes, whether it’s team members, colleagues, or customers. It’s about being selfless and placing priority on the greater good for the betterment of Ericsson and our customers. In my experience, when you do this, great things happen, and everyone benefits and has a much richer experience. It also brings partnerships, loyalty, and trust to the next level.

Inclusion helps us excel and innovate

Inclusion is very important. For me, I am committed to creating an environment where everyone can excel and innovate. I have seen so many employees thrive and go on to achieve things that no one initially thought possible. For me personally, I don’t think I would be in the role I am today if Ericsson didn’t fundamentally believe in the importance of D&I. I have also been fortunate enough to see it in action from many of my former and current managers.

These role models, along with my own personal beliefs, drive me to make this a key requirement for all leaders in my organization and give them the coaching and support needed to make empathy and inclusion possible so we can unlock the maximum potential of our people and deliver maximum value to our customers.

It’s part of our plan

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzz words – they are part of our business plan. Greater inclusion will help us deliver on our 2022 priorities and provide opportunities for people to further learn and contribute beyond the normal day-to-day activities. Job rotations are also a great way to achieve this, and we are doing this today across our business areas, with plans to extend this to the market areas especially now that we are in full swing of deploying the Ericsson Operations Engine (the new way to sell and deliver Managed Services).

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