D&I Weekly News Round Up: Gender Stereotypes, Inclusion and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round-Up. Today we are talking about diversity reports, the difference between male and female brains, why companies should always have diverse representation in their adverts and a new app from Samsung that is helping deafblind people to communicate.

Caroline Berns

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA


We know that having a diverse workforce impacts the bottom line. But according to a new report from Heat (a Deloitte company), it is also important to show diversity in adverts – a diverse representation positively impacts both public perception and the share price of a company.


It is five years ago that companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple started reporting on their diversity numbers. Interesting article on the (little) progress that has been made since then.

Gender Stereotypes

Very interesting article about the difference between male and female brains. According to the research from cognitive neuroscientist Gina Rippon it is not physiological differences that impact our gender-specific behaviours and skills - but gender stereotyping and the way children are raised. Read more here.


Deafblind people have both impaired vision and hearing, which means they have to use different ways to communicate. Samsung India has just launched “Good Vibes”, a two-way communication app that uses Morse Code. Watch the video.

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