MWC Los Angeles: 5G, industries and gaming with AtomicMari!

We are reaching a new phase in 5G – from launching networks to figuring out how to use them. This was the subtle yet clear message if you watched the crowds at Ericsson’s booth at MWC Los Angeles on Day One.

AtomicMari 5G gaming MWC Los Angeles Ericsson

Last year at MWC Los Angeles, the buzz was all about 5G network launches.  And by now, all four major US operators have launched 5G networks.

So what’s the next step?

This year at the Ericsson booth – like last year – there is a rough split, with radio and network demos on one side and more application-oriented demos on the other.   Last year, the 5G radios and related demos were driving more foot traffic. 

This year – while the networks are still very popular – there were more people checking out applications.  There was also increased interest in urban and indoor network coverage. 

Talking to people around the booth, they saw this as evidence of a job well done.  5G has been launched.  It works.

Now it’s time to make it work inside and around cities.  And it’s time to fulfill its promise, particularly for industries.  And that is exactly what 5G was built for.


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5G fulfilling its industry potential

This theme was reflected in many of the sessions around the event.

Early in the morning, our CTO Erik Ekudden said at the Light Reading 5G Network & Services Strategies breakfast: “As we are maturing the ecosystem for consumers, we have to build for scale. Enterprises and industries long for this as well. You have to start with the architecture. If it’s stable, you can build on it.”

In a session specifically on IoT, Kiva Allgood, Head of Internet of Things, Business Area Technologies & New Businesses, said "We really have to be cognizant of the business models. It isn’t just one entity that can complete it. We have to make [using wireless technology] easy across the board."

She added later: As the use cases become more critical, the reliability

of the network has to increase. You’ve got to be at the same telco-grade level - a reliable network is ingredient #1.

You need to try 5G gaming with no lag


AtomicMari Ericsson MWC Los Angelens 5G


There were also sessions where Ericsson experts talked about connected cars and how connecting industries can help in terms of climate action and meeting climate goals.

But big trade shows like MWC Los Angeles are also about creating buzz and a coolness factor. 

And the hit of the show, however, is not an industry but a key consumer use case.  Gaming.

Mari Takahashi – or “AtomicMari” – is one of the top female names in the world of gaming. She is a gaming pioneer with an audience of more than 2 million across her social media channels. She is a former professional ballet dancer and co-founder of the top-ranking gaming brand Smosh Games (7.4 million subscribers). She was also at MWC Los Angeles all day playing Destiny 2 over a 5G connection.

What did she think of playing over 5G?

In an interview, she had this to say about the future of gaming:

"What I notice is that I'm playing Destiny 2 and I'm playing with two other people on my team.  And this is a game that is multiplayer with a lot of mobs and enemies that come out and anything in that type of game would cause a lot of latency problems. 

What I know is that I haven't seen any latency problems

And that is so dope.

"For most of us, whether casual or professional, we don't want to be pulled out of our experience of playing a game.  Latency issues are something that we don't have any patience for."

AtomicMari also touched on the other way 5G can revolutionize gaming - going mobile.

"Latency is a issue and the other is wires and wires and wires," she said. "With VR, we'd have to rig crazy thing with wires sticking out of our heads.  Not everyone has a studio.  Being able to take VR to place where we're totally wireless is incredible.

"I think the next wave at least is cloud gaming.   Taking really big games and putting them onto devices we're able to carry around with us." 

You can watch her game below.  It’s a long video but she gets into where she is and how great 5G gaming is at the start:


To learn more about what we’re doing at MWC Los Angeles, check out the event page.  Or to see more on AtomicMari, check out our page on the power of easy and meet all our tech heroes.





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