Our journey together: Diversity Awareness Month 2019

Creating an all-inclusive environment is a quest and a journey toward a better tomorrow – to succeed, we must be all in!

Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrations at Ericsson

Every year in October, Diversity Awareness Month is recognized around the world as a time where we collectively pay special attention to how leveraging diversity through an inclusive environment/experience can bring greater value to the workforce, to our daily lives, and to the world. As the sixth year that we at Ericsson are observing Diversity Awareness Month, this October represents a special time for us to look at how we’re living our diversity and inclusion (D&I) philosophy.

This month, a series of global events will highlight, explore, and expand upon key D&I topics, engaging every single one of our employees across the world, to ensure we are all in alignment when it comes to creating the conditions that will move the needle on (especially) three demographic strands we have identified as priority areas: gender, generational differences, and diverse nationalities.

These sessions – which will be broadcasted virtually as well as held live – are set to include discussions on some of Ericsson’s ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and their functions, values, and missions; panel talks on the meaning of embracing empathy and our humanness, and presentations related to our D&I philosophy as well as what it means to speak up and promote an inclusive environment.

Those last two elements, embracing empathy and our humanness and promoting a speak up environment, represent the overarching themes for this year. They also occupy a truly important position in the company’s journey, as they are derived from two of the Five Focus Areas in our recently launched leadership transformation journey, Ericsson on the Move.

This leadership initiative is meant to drive a breakthrough in the quality of our management practices, and these two focus areas epitomize our belief that every individual is a talent; that talent is ageless, genderless, has no ethnicity, and no sexual preference – talent is talent, plain and simple.

That’s why we’ve included these D&I-rooted philosophies into the Move, and that’s why we’ve committed to working together to ensure the kind of always-inclusive environment where our talents can feel safe to share their ideas and let their uniqueness thrive. After all, any other way just isn’t the way forward.

We know that diversity encompasses a wide range of things, including different perspectives, levels of education, work experience, personal life experiences – all in addition to a myriad of personal attributes – that’s why creating that place of thriving, that inclusive environment, will be a quest and a journey. It’s going to require a team effort of all of us to make the culture shift required, cascading throughout the organization, manifested in the day-to-day experiences we all have and create for each other.

Our quest speaks to this, to our unique differences and the shared condition of human experience. It also speaks to the value of embracing both.

Hopefully, with this month’s “embracing our empathy and humanness” and “fostering a speak-up environment” focus areas clearly in mind, we can drive real progress toward achieving our diversity and inclusion goals.

Join me in recognizing and supporting Diversity Awareness Month 2019.

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