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Last Thursday was finally my first day at Ericsson. It felt several miles away, but now it was actually here!

I even woke up before the alarm and was really excited for my day to start. Bag packed, no actually bag empty, because I heard they have everything you need. I took it literally. A new way to work and new colleagues. Excitement was at its peak!

I got on the bus and for about 15 minutes I sat and nervously dug holes in my favorite jeans and thought about what to say when I arrive at the reception, where I actually would not have an interview but would be joining the Ericsson family. 

I walked in, took a deep breath, and took firm steps towards the woman at the reception, (I actually stumbled but also struck a pose after, so I got away.) This is now the same woman who has welcomed me every time I had an interview. I felt at home.

Receptionist: “Hello! Welcome! Can I help you with anything?”

Me: “Hi! I’m going to eat breakfast. No! I am meeting Anders. Anders Österlund. (Breakfast? Why did I say that? Okay Sara. Get it together.)

She giggles a little and surely notices that I am nervous and instead of asking me to type in Anders’ name as I used to do, she did it for me. That’s nice! Gives me more time to breath and calm myself down. Then of course, I leaned in and said I am starting here today, very proudly. (still thinking I need to calm down).

She welcomed me and gave me a hug, maybe not so strange since I opened my arms waiting for one. Then I sat down and waited for Anders. I realize I am quite close to the espresso machine and move away like three chairs – not the time for an espresso obviously.

Then comes Anders. Now in my head I see us holding hands and jumping around the reception, exactly what you do when you see your best friend. Anders is now my best friend, but I quickly realize that he also is my boss and shaking hands is probably more appropriate.

I can continue this forever but will end it here because then, the day began.

I received a warm welcome, from both colleagues I will be working close to, but also from colleagues who I may just pass by the corridor and everyone were so nice, everyone had almost been waiting for me. That feeling is indescribable, when you are longed for. 10 out of 10 points!

Then I finally met all the ambassadors, which I mean come on, the enthusiasts! Such a committed and talented group of people. I already felt in the conference room that this will be so good, they will take care of me, even though I am supposed to take care of them.

It was a day with many impressions, information and above all, a lot of fun. I sometimes feel that I am not at all up to it, even though I know I may not have a lot of expectations now. But me as a person, I always want to deliver and contribute, but its going to take some time and I must accept it.

After landing in this over the weekend, I realized that all I said that during my two first days was “It sounds really fun and exciting” but I don’t think if I google “fun or exciting” I will get enough of synonyms to cover eight hours every day.  But that’s really all I felt, that everything seemed so fun and exciting!

My expectations of myself during this period is to learn as much as possible and contribute more, and with help of all the colleagues and especially Anders, I know that I have all the conditions to become a part of everything and learn from the best. You all have really taken me into the Ericsson family so quickly that I now feel at home. You are informative in the way you teach, and I look forward to shadowing you and learning as much as possible.

I know that everything I do is with heart and therefore, I know that I will be able to contribute and deliver in the best way.

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