D&I Weekly News Round Up: Diverse Representation, Gender Identity and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round-Up. Today we are talking about Intel’s latest diversity report, the youngest prime minister in the world, how a pronoun became the word of the year and a wonderful short movie from Sony Pictures Animation.

Caroline Berns

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Equal Pay

Intel, who has been investing heavily in D&I in the past years, just released their latest diversity report, including detailed pay data. Looking at their top pay tiers, they are still dominated by white and Asian men – not a big surprise in the tech industry.


34-year-old Sanna Marin has just been appointed Prime Minister in Finland, making her the youngest prime minister in the world. Finland’s government is now led by 5 women, with 4 of them under 35. Interesting article looking at the country’s diversity strategy.

Gender Identity

The popular dictionary Merriam-Webster just announced its word of the year for 2019 – the non-binary pronoun “they”. According to the dictionary, the searches for the word have risen by over 300% in the past year, influenced by various artists talking about their gender identity. Read more here.

Diverse Representation

There is very little black representation in mainstream animation projects, but Sony Pictures Animation just released “Hair Love” a very sweet short movie about an African American dad learning how to style his daughter’s hair. Worth watching!

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