Exploring eSIM for consumers: unlocking the opportunities

If there’s anything consumers associate eSIM with, it’s peace of mind. The flexibility of choice and coverage reassurance have their appeal, and smartphone users have the propensity to spend for such convenience. What if eSIM can unlock opportunities beyond just connectivity boosts? What is the interest in eSIM when it comes to consumers?

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In my previous blog post, I explored four consumer benefits of eSIM, tightly related with connectivity performance. In this blog post I’ll extend the list with two more:

- Event experience

- Marketing Campaigns

Events and marketing campaigns may not come to mind at first, when thinking of eSIM. However, eSIM can bring an edge to both events and marketing campaigns and turn them into double-sided business models.


Event experience

Gaming is changing the game. Consumers want entertainment to be engaging, personalized and participatory just like video games. Can live entertainment achieve that? And what has eSIM to do with it?

The idea of new fan stadium experiences has been in the media spotlight for the past couple of years. From industry analysts to content developers, all agree that 5G and technology advancements can help realize smart-connected arenas. Dedicated apps allow fans to unlock multiple camera angles, watch replays at will, see event statistics in real time, and ultimately, personalizing their experiences.

However, this technological dream can be a logistical nightmare for consumers. The ticket is sold by the event organizers, the app is sold by developers and the required connectivity is provided by too many network operators. How can these three elements be consolidated into one simple package?

An elegant solution to this riddle is eSIM. Nowadays, remote provisioning of operator profiles, eSIM activation, is done on the fly. So when you buy your ticket, you scan the QR code and get both the eSIM provisioning with allocated data bucket with required QoS (quality of service) and a link to the app store. Isn’t that attractive?

eSIM service opportunities

For every consumer who thinks such enhancing apps would ruin the live experience, there is one who thinks it’s awesome. In fact, 53 percent of smartphone users show interest in this setup and close to half of them would pay for this.


Marketing campaigns

The most unexciting part about ads and marketing campaigns is that they don’t offer anything in return. What if marketing campaigns could instead be tailored to your interests and bring real benefits from the outset?

eSIM service opportunities

Examples of such benefits can range from testing new mobile games to exploring exclusive product lines in Augmented Reality before a launch date. With eSIM, consumers can easily load campaign profiles and engage with the bundle campaign off bundle, without worrying they will consume their monthly data allowance.

The appeal of marketing campaigns is high – 82 percent of smartphone users are interested in at least one of the alternatives presented in the figure above. Interestingly, the top three choices have high practical value – shopping redeemed for mobile data, entertainment and data promotion packages.


The most sought-after consumer benefit of eSIM

By now you may wonder which eSIM use case is most appealing to consumers. Consumer devices rank first, followed by Try and Buy and marketing campaigns. Of course, one should understand that this high level of interest (92 percent to 82 percent) is cumulated. Each of these covers more than just use scenario and is spread across multiple devices, needs and situations.

eSIM service opportunities

The second half of the ranking ends with Excel in connectivity, Travel specials and Event experiences (interest between 57 percent and 53 percent), which are specific eSIM use scenarios, dedicated to connectivity gaps, silent roamers and consumers passionate about live events.

The opportunities with eSIM are many. Although eSIM adoption is a concern in the industry, in practice, its implementation can help enrich the relationship with consumers. From peace of mind to redeeming shopping for mobile data, eSIM is valuable to consumers. The next blog post around eSIM will look on the business aspects for Service Providers.

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