The most popular 5G posts of 2019 revealed

Well, that was 2019. What a year for 5G, and what a year for the Ericsson Blog. Below, we reveal the ten most popular 5G posts from 2019. Ready? Let’s get started.

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1. Kids and 5G

This year, there will be 13 million 5G devices in the world. By Christmas 2020, there are expected to be over 160 million. Across consumer markets, many of these devices will be 5G smartphones – something today’s younger generations will almost certainly now look upon as the new normal. This year, we put our easy quest to the test by explaining all this to kids – or, well, we tried to at least.
Ready for a laugh or two? Visit our extremely popular explaining 5G to kids and the kids 5G Christmas wishlist posts.

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2. Speeding up climate action with 5G

Can 5G, IoT and cloud offer us a lifeline for exponential climate action? Well, yes – provided that we deploy, develop and scale the right solutions before it’s too late. In doing so, ICT can play a major role in reducing global emissions with 15 percent until 2030 across sectors such as industry, transport, energy and agriculture. Earlier this year, we teamed up with leading players across industry, government and academia to plot a roadmap for action.
Visit our popular post on the 2019 Exponential Roadmap on Climate Action and take a look for yourself.


3. The year’s standalone success?

Most people have a pretty good idea what 5G is by now. But did you know that there are in fact two different kinds of 5G? We call it standalone and non-standalone. Earlier this year, we wrote an easy explainer to both types on the Ericsson Blog and it became an instant hit with service providers. To this day, it continues to be one of the most visited 5G posts on the Internet.
Want to see what all the fuss is about? Read our standalone vs. non-standalone post.


4. A look at (5G) sporting greatness

We all got swept up in soccer this summer when the France and U.S. men’s and women’s national teams took home their respective golds in 2019 FIFA World Cups. It also got us to thinking about the future and if, how and when 5G mobile communication would finally enter the field. Curios? Take a look at our popular 5G fan experience and IoT, 5G and the beautiful game posts from earlier this summer.
Fast cars more your thing? Read instead what happened when we kitted out an Indy 500 car with 5G.


5. Ready player one?

MWC LA was all about the future of gaming with 5G, and oh are we in for a treat. Superstar gamer AtomicMari was the star of the show at the Ericsson booth where she was showcasing the ultra-low-latency and wireless benefits of future gaming. Cool? Oh yes. Check out what she said in our popular recap on MWC LA 2019.
If that’s whet your whistle, take a look at this other extremely popular post on the future of AR gaming.

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6. Consumer vs. Industry

Which powers are really driving the direction of 5G? If we take self-driving cars, for example, will consumers like you and me be the first in the hot seat. Or will it be those from the upper echelons of industry? It may very well depend on the size and type of economy in your home market. Lost me? Let us talk you through it a bit more eloquently in a popular post where we ask who is really driving investment in 5G technology?


7. Cutting cables in Hannover

Know the best way to predict the future? Create it. 2019 was the year that wireless technologies went mainstream in industry, thanks largely to 5G. The excitement among vendors became almost palpable at this year’s Hannover Messe where industry heads gathered for a crazy wireless ride. At the event, we revealed and reinforced industry collaborations with the likes of Audi, SICK and ABB. Read more in our popular 5G industry mainstream post .

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8. Blood, sweat and tears in 3GPP

Can you imagine trying to get a whole industry to agree on a single technology that has the power to transform our lives? Get a first-hand account of it by reading any one of our 5G standardization success stories, beginning with our look this year’s popular  LTE/NR interworking post. It sounds complex, and that’s exactly what it was.


9. The race to 5G leadership

Who has invented the most 5g technologies? China? The US? Actually, it’s Europe. That, at least, is according to the external research findings documented in this year’s popular post on 5G patents. Don’t believe me? Take a good look for yourself in our 5G patent leadership post.


10. The 5G rock band

Was your budding rock career cut short by a lack of super-fast wireless technology? Maybe, actually. Earlier this spring, we showed off the ultra-low-latency, high-bandwidth and guaranteed quality of experience of 5G with our very own remote musical performance. Now, if only you had 5G in your day, eh? Read more in our popular post about 5G real time music collaboration.

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So, that was just a taste of 2019. Join us for more exciting 5G developments in 2020!

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