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Walking the Talk: Demonstrating digital transformation with 5G and IoT at MWC19

Digitalization, coupled with new technologies such as IoT and 5G, offers tremendous potential to enterprises and industries for delivering greater efficiencies, productivity, customer experiences and more.
Ericsson CEO at the opening of Mobile World Congress 2019 - Ericsson booth where IoT digital transformation was a big topic

In fact, within five years, more than four billion devices are expected to be connected via cellular technology alone. Cars, robots, shipping containers, agricultural fields – the possibilities seem limitless.

Still, with great possibilities come great questions: How to connect? How to maximize value? How to break boundaries and create 5G enabled businesses? The fact is, transformation is dependent on developing secure and standardized connectivity platforms. Only this will enable operators to bring new value to new customers based on new solutions.

If you’re going to Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC19), be sure to pay us a visit. We’ll not only talk about how to make transformation happen with 5G and IoT, we’re ready to walk you through how it’s done with several groundbreaking demonstrations.

Value of Connectivity in Industry 4.0 demo

An overview on the benefits of Internet connectivity in a range of applications. From vehicles to drones to traffic lights – there is even a handbag in there! – augmented reality will show you how 5G ensures the connectivity, reliability and scalability that industry 4.0 will require.

As IoT is going from hype to mass-implementation, communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises that wish to offer globally scalable IoT solutions will face pain points around connectivity and device management, ecosystems management and service monetization. With industry fragmentation and challenges on the way to realizing the full potential of today’s industry transformation, service providers and enterprises need assistance in growing their IoT businesses, often through strategic partnerships and ecosystems. In our set of demos “Accelerating the IoT Ecosystem Today,” you’ll see how ecosystem relations can help bridge business gaps as well as learn how to build dedicated solutions for industry end-users with 5G and IoT together with numerous prominent players in the IoT ecosystem—from enterprises such as Grundfos, communication service providers such as Singtel and Sprint, to chipset and device makers such as Qualcomm, Ublox and Quectel.

Transforming Transportation with Connectivity and Automation demo

Wondering if your network is ready for connected vehicles? Here’s your chance to find out. In “Transforming Transportation with Connectivity & Automation,” we’ll demonstrate an autonomous vehicle use case with the transportation innovators at Einride. This cluster of demos also provides a look inside our Connected Traffic Tower, an approach which allows remote management and orchestration of automated fleets.

Manufacturing Goes Wireless and Gets Smarter demo

Finally, our “Manufacturing Goes Wireless and Gets Smarter” demo shows not only how flexibility can be gained in production lines by cutting wires, it highlights how efficiency is raised by interconnecting work-flows with things, tools and people. This demo was created with our industry partner, ABB Research Corporation, a pioneering technology leader in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation and robotics and motion. As industrial sites rely more on connectivity, growth in private cellular networks will mean increased visibility and more contextual data as the physical environment mirrors with the cellular.

Of course, our experts will also be on hand during the show to discuss Ericsson’s vision for cellular IoT with new segments and solutions. Recently, we unveiled the next step in the evolution of cellular IoT and launched new solutions that will enable service providers to address a larger part of the market. Be sure to check out our diverse use cases for automotive, manufacturing and utilities.

Got IoT and 5G transformation questions? We’ve got the answers, and not only are we ready to talk, we’re ready to show you how to make your ideas a reality at MWC19.

Get the latest on IoT and 5G developments during our MWC19 broadcast, live from Barcelona. Visit our website for details!

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