Ericsson Expert Analytics goes to work for Telefonica Movistar Mexico

Delivering a superior experience to their customers is at the very center of most operators’ strategy. Their vision is to have complete end-to-end visibility of all their services across the network. With 5G at the forefront of their minds and the wealth of services expanding, the need to monitor and proactively optimize performance becomes crucial. But how can this challenge be realized?

EEA Telefonica Mexico

Extracting high value insights

Recently, we announced our partnership with Telefonica Movistar Mexico who have chosen Ericsson Expert Analytics to help them realize superior customer experience.

Like other Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world (such as TMobile, EE and Swisscom), Telefonica have seen an imminent need to utilize insights in real time. Having an end-to-end view, coupled with analytics, provides a platform for them to be able to accelerate decisions and actions for the benefit of their customers.

Modern analytics techniques enable better investment decisions

Operators around the world are under intense pressure to find efficiencies in operational expenditure and to discover new revenues streams, while also personalizing the customer experience. In attempting to achieve their objectives, operators need to focus on customer and data centric solutions. Solutions empowered and accelerated by Machine Intelligence should provide predictive and prescriptive actions, providing the operator with the necessary information which can be used to take actions that better serve the customer.

This has also been reinforced by consumers as shown in Ericsson’s Consumer & Industry Lab report, The zero-touch customer xperience (2018), where 70% of smartphone users reported that they expect their telecom service provider to improve their experience by making better use of technology such as analytics and AI.

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Operators like Telefonica Movistar Mexico want to be as efficient as possible in improving the customer experience in real time. For Operators, big data intelligence is fundamentally changing how they as an operator interact with their customers. By deploying Ericsson Expert Analytics, Telefonica will benefit from the results of being able to analyze, understand and transform their customers' experience using real-time insights.

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