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How to boost your customer experience to achieve a sustained double-digit growth when you are an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. If these are questions that you ask yourself, then continue reading, if not, then…time to think again.

Rich Communication services

FMCG going digital 

Building an interactive direct channel to the consumers has for many FMCG companies been a dream. Now with digital back end systems and chatbots we are approaching the dream. The missing link is still the communication part, so far, we have companies using eMailweb and apps. For simpler notification like events, SMS is commonly used. 

The disadvantage with web is of course that you need to type a web address, on a mobile phone that can be quite challenging. Many times, the web interface in turn is not optimized for Smartphones and Smartphones is the key tool today for consumers. So the web communication is neither convenient nor giving a true pleasure to the consumer. Emails are not always read and don’t offer an interactive experience, 

 The “appification” that took the world like a big tsunami has resulted in an overflow of apps in most phones. We also see that consumers are getting more and more reluctant to download and update apps for non-frequent tasks and unless you open the app there will be no communication link established. However, if users use app the interaction is both convenient and easy to grasp for the consumer. The problem here, for the FMCG company, is that the interaction always needs to be established by the consumer. 

 Finally, we have the SMS service, been around since the birth of GSM. Yes, I know, at that time I was participating in the ETSI group that standardized the GMS data services (including SMS). SMS is wonderful in its simplicity, usability and reliability. But when we now have a computer in our hands SMS is like a straightjacket on our Smartphones. Consequently, consumers have already replaced SMS with other forms of messaging. For the Application-2-Person (A2P) market we see that this year will be the peak. The A2P market is estimated by Ovum to some 47 BUSD worldwide. A decline here will for sure hit the bottom line of Service Providers. 

 The most promising solution to not just mitigate the decline in the A2P market but also increase the value seems to be RCS Business Messaging. Boosting consumer experience through a truly interactive mobile experience enables proactive consumer brands open up a new sales and customer care channel. Taking advantage of this conversational medium, RCS Business Messaging, using customer engagement expertise will change the way business is conducted. 


Making the FMCG industry becoming a change maker in our lives 

Looking on the customer journey for most if not all the FMCG industries we see options to shorten time to customer and increase interaction. This in turn of course results in an increased cash flow from operations. 

At MWC in Barcelona we showcase, together with Visilab, Swisscom, Sinch, myElefant and WIT Software how RCS Business Messaging and Chatbots not only can, but will, change the eyewear market. The examples given are by far not exhaustive, but the changes in the society will not come for free.  

 Personalized information complementing and eventually replacing the traditional broadcast media. Content created by AI robots based on consumer behavior and consumers that can see how they look like with the new make-up, the new glasses, the new shirt, in the new car anywhere, new interior decorations etc anytime. In addition, consumers can publish these videos on social media and get friends opinions.  

 With internet we got the shops in our hands, with RCS Business Messaging we get the mirror/dressing room/show room in our hands and we can invite our friends to join us in the shop and listen to their opinions.  

The market is changing – from sofa surfing to sofa sales – imagine the possibilities… 

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