Flexible production, 5G & Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2019

Mobile communications grow faster and more powerful with each generation. 5G is not an incremental upgrade, but a platform for innovation. Industry 4.0 is about adopting new technologies to deliver on new manufacturing requirements. In Ericsson, we believe 5G is fundamental to realize the new demands of flexible production. Besides empowering humans, secure, wireless connectivity will reduce complexity and support seamless collaboration with machines, marking a new era of intelligent automation.

Woman wearing AR lenses interacting with a robotic arm.

The estimated gains of smart manufacturing are forecasted at $1.5 trillion USD and includes better efficiency, cost and energy savings, as well as new services and revenue growth*. The impact of 5G on factories, warehouses and mines is yet to be defined, but will be known as a competitive resource once secure wireless connectivity is identified as a business critical concern. If the 10 million factories around the world were 5G enabled, simply improving quality and reducing waste would support global sustainability goals.

To improve understanding of the value of this new connectivity standard, Ericsson has a strong presence with partners at Hannover Messe 2019 - the biggest meeting place of the industrial world. Operating with a live 5G network, we will showcase 21 value demonstrators and present collaborations with ABB, Audi, Hexagon, Deutsche Telekom, 5G ACIA and many more. Prominence is also greater this year due to Sweden having the honor of being the partner country at the fair.

At the Swedish Pavilion, we present the future of flexible production and next generation employees with 11 Swedish partners in one single collaboration. By strengthening the importance of ecosystems and cooperation, the goal of mass customization can be reached faster. With the power of mobility, we can interconnect warehousing, logistics and assembly to redesign smarter operations, only producing exactly what the market demands.

The Power of Doing

Dialogue with industrial pioneers, service providers and ecosystem players are key to promote the relevance of 5G and mobile technologies in Industry 4.0. A successful positioning of 5G as a competitive advantage will depend on collaborations where industrial pain points are solved, revealing the differentiating value of mobile technology.

At Hannover Messe 2019, 5G will be featured as one of the seven major trends in manufacturing, along with solutions such as co-bots and artificial intelligence.

Ericsson sees mobile technology as a new foundation to accelerate and support these new technologies. If factories are to enable digital twins of all processes and workflows, reliable wireless capabilities and low latency are a necessity.

With 5G, digital twins can be accessed through remote VR monitoring, supporting transparency in factories. For example, one of our interactive proof points is a virtual tour of FCA Mirafiori plant in Torino where the visitor can “move” within it, monitoring key processes for bottlenecks and machinery parameters like vibration and temperature.

We also address the challenges of companies with distributed production sites. A common problem is that similar processes perform differently at different locations. To solve it, plants must break down siloes and introduce transparency to optimize and align these processes.

With Fraunhofer IPT, Ericsson presents the 5G Production Cockpit, giving a real-time view of processes in Aachen as well as Stockholm, transmitting live data, creating digital twins. With centralized data and analytics, current as well as historical data are compared for deeper insights.

Another challenge 5G supports is the increasing demand of easily re-programmable, collaborative robots. Automation will only increase, and massive, intelligent collaboration of robots is needed to cater for mass customization. To support these cyber-physical systems, extremely high performing connectivity solutions are required. Ericsson Research presents a robot collaboration operating over 5G, enabling edge-cloud control of 18 individual robot servos. Illustrating perfect synchronization, the hexapod robot keeps its balance and even dances!

See you in Hannover!

Our presence at Hannover is designed to demonstrate the value of mobile communications and how easy it is to adapt, use and scale new digital and industrial solutions. With our recent product launch, Ericsson Industry Connect, we are making mobile connectivity more readily accessible, and easier to deploy and manage for factories and warehouses, installing a secure, wireless network in less than an hour.

To make it easier for our visitors and partners to experience and appreciate all the valuable aspects of mobile communication, our proof points and solutions are structured through four main themes:

  • Connections that perform - comparing and contrasting 5G with alternative connectivity standards, enabling manufacturers to cut wires.
  • Private plant, global reach - Dedicated networks power more efficient operations on site and global connectivity integrates value chains off site.
  • Smart wireless manufacturing - going wireless provides transparency and flexibility in production to redesign operations, empowering workers and companies.
  • Robust, safe and secure environments - security cannot be an afterthought. With 5G and Cellular IoT, security is built-in from the start. 

At Hannover Messe 2019, our connectivity experts will also hold several sessions and keynotes to demonstrate the value of 5G and make the case for high performance, wireless connectivity to accelerate Industry 4.0.

Be sure to stop by the Ericsson booths located in Hall 8, stand D-28, Hall 27, stand H30 (in the Swedish Co-Lab Pavilion) and Hall 16 (the 5G arena).

If you won’t be at Hannover Messe this year, you can still hear operators and industry leaders discuss Industry 4.0 by streaming our live Ringside Session on April 2 - AI, Automation & 5G – what’s really needed to deliver Industry 4.0?

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Read our case study to learn how Ericsson is enabling more efficient and sustainable production processes in our Tallinn factory.


* Source: World Economic Forum, McKinsey Global Institute, Economist Intelligence Unit, GSMA, Morgan Stanley and estimates
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