Are you ready for 5G? Ericsson Charging is

Modern monetization systems are crucial to enable the effective monetization of 5G. With more than 2 billion subscribers worldwide served by our business support systems, we know the value to our customers of a fast and effective—yet manageable—progression towards new goals. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, we demonstrated how Ericsson Charging evolves to support 5G use cases.


In this video, Grace Bosson Werélius explains how Ericsson Charging is evolving to support new use cases. The use case described here is a premium music service where users can enjoy their favorite concert in an immersive AR/VR experience, enhanced by 5G technology. The service runs on a dedicated network slice in the telecom service provider network, in partnership with the AR/VR experience service provider. As part of the collaboration, the hosted artist can promote the service via the operator portal, where a variety of offers have been created around the artist. All related charging parameters are configured by the back end Ericsson Charging system.  



As Grace reinforces in the video, Ericsson Charging supports 5G capabilities such as network slicing via the new REST-based API interface.  

Read on for a step-by-step summary to the video. 

The invitation: Personalizing offers to the consumer 

Our user persona (Leo) is served an offer to not miss out on his favorite band by bringing the concert home. This personalized offer is created from insight into the type of music that Leo likes and his recent purchase of a pair of VR goggles from the telco provider’s website.  


Fig1. The invitation to “bring the concert home” (VR concert)


The personalized offer 

The telecom service provider partnership with VR Music Stage lets hosted artists sell their shows and concerts to a wider audience. A band can be viewed either in 4K (Ultra HD TV) or as a live performance through the VR goggles at a premium price.  

If Leo really likes music, concert bundles might be a better option for frequent viewing of shows. Here, are offers for three different bundles with a certain number of Club, Music Hall, and Arena concerts included. 


Fig 2. The personalized offer with options and bundles


The payment  

In this example, Leo decided to go for a PPV purchase and pay via credit card. The payment goes to FUON, the telecom service provider, which does the revenue split towards its partner, VR Music Stage. Leo gets a confirmation, and a receipt is also sent from FUON and a notification is sent from VR Music Stage.  


Figure 3. The payment for the order


Are you ready for 5G? Ericsson Charging is. 

Grace’s video highlights how new 5G capabilities enable more-immersive experiences. 

We look forward to bringing these new capabilities to our large base of existing Ericsson Charging customers for a fast and effectiveyet manageableprogression towards new 5G business opportunities. 

Let’s continue the discussion! 

What BSS capabilities are required for 5G monetization? Read more in a new white paper from Analysis Mason. 

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