Diversity: Purpose and the means to get there

As the International Women’s Day (IWD) approaches, I hope that we can stay focused on the topic of diversity and understand that gender diversity is just one aspect of it. It is great that we talk about diversity and celebrate the Women’s Day – that brings substantial attention to the topic. However, it will be even greater to look at the subject of diversity with a more diverse approach.

Dr. Azimeh Sefidcon

Research Director, Cloud systems and platforms

Research Director, Cloud systems and platforms

If diversity stops at gender diversity, then we are not so diverse in our thinking anymore. Diversity needs to go beyond the intention of human resource and should actually show in how we include diverse ways of approaching work.


Meet Dr. Azimeh Sefidcon, Research Director, Cloud Systems and Platforms

Diversity is about full acceptance, even seeking out and applauding the differences. Diversity is about being agnostic to gender, names, color of skin, physical abilities, the country where a person's mother happens to be at the time of birth, the religion one was tagged with before they could speak, and the title in their current job.

Diversity is about looking at each human individually and seeing their entire capabilities regardless of all tagging, regardless of the current operating system of the society.

The purpose of diversity in workforce should be to bring flexibility and scalability in the way we use human capabilities; the way we see the future, the way we communicate, the way we value and appreciate things, the way we make decisions, the way we lead, the way we drive work, and the way we build skills.

So if you happen to hear about Women's Day, consider it as a means to help us reflect on the subject of diversity. Moreover, if you happen to think about diversity, think about its true purpose – to bring flexibility and scalability in using available capabilities, decoupling human from their gender, and many other attributes that the nature and the nurturer have given them – and tap into the unlimited capacity you have available. First in yourself and then, in the ones you are leading.

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