Ericsson powering AI conference: welcome to Reinforce

There were two letters on everybody’s lips at the recent SXSW Conference: AI. But for those of us who are interested in a deeper look into this hot topic, we’re looking forward to another conference. Welcome to Reinforce AI conference, powered by Ericsson.

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Head of System and Technology

Head of System and Technology

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It’s not surprising that AI is so hot right now; by 2024, Ericsson predicts there will be 1.5 billion 5G subscriptions for enhanced mobile broadband and 4.1 billion global cellular IoT connections. The volumes of data generated from this activity will be staggering.

To handle this complexity, new AI technologies are making it possible to derive value from this data and shift network operations from being reactive to data-driven, predictive, and proactive operations.

What is Reinforce?

Not surprising if you ask—this is the first time we’ve held it!

Reinforce is a technology focused international conference for knowledge sharing among industry experts in the artificial intelligence and machine learning area. More specifically, new approaches, success stories and best practices will be shared for data scientists, data engineers and product managers.

Why is Ericsson involved?

At Ericsson, we aim to be a technology leader in developing and adopting AI technologies to empower the telecom industry, so AI is strategic for all of our products. We are convinced that machine intelligence, which encompasses the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers the best opportunity to achieve the high levels of automation necessary to manage the complexity and optimize system performance--you can read more about that in one of our White Papers here.

My role is to bridge analytics and AI innovation into Ericsson Expert Analytics and OSS products in general and to support PDU OSS in building strategic competence in these areas. For example, our group developed the Machine Learning Execution Environment (MXE) that will significantly speed up industrialization and improve operability, monitoring, lifecycle management of machine learning models. 

Through that work, we realized that there is a great interest for AI within Ericsson and in the region as well.

One of my main focus areas is on creating more and more insights based on machine learning and AI technologies; and developing components that allow for a fast and easy productization of the models. So, we initiated collaboration with the organizers of other successful conferences we’ve sponsored in Budapest to establish a new conference series on AI. Hence the creation of Reinforce. 

Managers today must understand how AI applies to and will change their field, while Data Scientists and Engineers are jumping on this exciting field bringing together engineering, statistics and cognition to find new ways to have impact with their work. We power Reinforce because we want to support the spread of this knowledge, and make it accessible to anyone.

Highlights from the conference

At the conference, I am most looking forward to listen to the presentations and to understand deeper how best practices from other industries can be applied in Ericsson products. AI features are already included in many systems. This trend will continue and more and more tasks will be automated around us.

Andrew Ng has famously said that AI is the “New Electricity.” It’s hard to think of a field that will not be profoundly changed by AI, and I’m looking forward to hearing the use cases of the future.

We’ll have some great speakers from all parts of industry, and I hope that my colleagues and I will be able to share some of the conversations that we have with them here!

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