Go to the Olympics

I would never have become the person I am today without the people around me.

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Taby wrote in her long-term goals: Go to the Olympics. She had rowed for just one year, and I was coaching at her high school program while training with the US rowing team. We inspire each other.

Jason said, "Come with me to the physics lab; you don't have to take the course if you don't like it.” I ended up majoring in physics.

Mr. Anderson wanted to hear our mistakes. He was our band instructor and made us play loudest when we were most unsure. He taught us to be brave.

Mala corrected me: "All white babies are born with blue eyes." I had presumptuously informed our colleague that all babies are born with blue eyes, which is a very culturally self-centered view. I needed to be held accountable for my unconscious bias.

Sandor offered me a job in his team: lower job stage, less bonus. It was a demotion in numbers, but important work.  I got to work on the most impactful sustainability project of my life.

Mr. Williams gave us just one or two problems each class we couldn't solve. Weird problems. Questions that barely made sense as questions. Solve ((22)2)2.... . I learned to explore.

Mom asked, "If where you are isn't going to take you where you want to be, what do you need to do?" Two days later, I was driving over a mountain range through a blizzard with my boat on the top of my car. I moved to the US training center 2000 miles away. I needed to be challenged.

Matthew followed me to Sweden. We got married. When I was offered the job role of CEO Advisor, I was 8 months pregnant. He took paternity leave to stay home with our two months old. I couldn't have taken the role without his support. 

I am the first woman, and the first American, to hold the title of CEO Advisor at Ericsson. As the youngest team member, I bring added diversity and a different perspective to our executive team. Be brave, be curious, explore, push each other and help each other. Equality starts with the simplest exchanges. We're all in this together. #BetterwithBalance #BalanceforBetter

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