How to create and manage flexible 5G offers, at scale

One of the main goals of operators investing in 5G networks is to build an ecosystem of partners offering a large variety of IoT and other services on their network. But there is a challenge about how to effectively manage all those offers. The answer is to let the partners create their own offers, while allowing the operator to remain in control. At the recent Mobile World Congress, we were demonstrating how Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care enable this co-creation process to scale to large numbers of partners.

BSS UX interface

In this video, Brian Bauer explains how a partner can create its own offers directly in a telecom operator’s IT system. The partner can choose pricing, specify the network slice it wants to use, and even define associated devices, all within a template defined by the operator for that partner. This allows the partner to create however many different offers it needs and to modify those offers as its service changes. 

As soon as the partner has created its offer, the operator can use Ericsson Catalog Manager to review, approve, and activate the service in minutes. This immediately makes the offer available for the operator’s customers to order using Ericsson Order Care. 


As you can see in this demo, Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care help operators to use partner co-creation to offer many new services every day and drive revenue from their 5G investments with a large number of partners while still remaining in full control.  

Read on for a step-by-step guide to the video. 


Easy for partners to co-create and manage product offerings inside the operator’s catalog 

For a partner, co-creating a service should be as easy as entering an offering name, pricing it, and selecting the appropriate network service from the operator. In this example, a specific network slice tailored for IoT services was defined together with a selected number of connected sensors.  

To make it easy to co-create and manage flexible 5G services as the demo shows, the operator makes a range of different services available to the partner service provider through pre-defined templates.  


portal view

Figure 1. Partner portal view


Easy for operators to review and accept the offer, before making it available to customers 

The offer will soon be available inside the operator’s product catalog, but only after the acceptance review and approval process. In the demonstration, Brian shows how the operator’s marketing manager can quickly see that a new product has been created, open it, and review the configuration parameters including pricing and the added-on SIMs. The marketing manager can then quickly move the project through the project lifecycle, send it off for approval, and activate it for customers.  


BSS product catalogue view

Figure 2: Operator product catalogue view


Easy for customers to find, order, and consume the offering 

Once the offering becomes active, the operator’s customers can use any self-care app and quickly sign-in, browse the product catalog, view available offers (the Smart Home Gold offering is immediately available), add a service to their shopping cart, and order the service for their consumption.  


customer self-care

Figure 3: Customer self-care view (Note: this app is not an Ericsson product)


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